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Most images are licensed under CC-by-sa. I do not require attribution for images used on any projects within the Wikipedia Foundation. As some of my images are not licensed under GFDL, users are welcome to contact me with any concerns about usage or with modification requests. I request that you please contact me if you use my images either within or outside of Wikipedia, solely because I am curious to see where my images go :)


All of my images are being uploaded to Flickr, from which you can then transfer them to Wikimedia. My current residence is in Maryland and I periodically travel throughout Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and southern New Jersey. Just message me with requests for pending images, additional images, or for specific requests within my region. I take more significant expeditions each year; my future treks are listed in my Flickr profile. Please contact me with any requests.


I currently have a Canon PowerShot A650 IS. Previously, I have used:

I am currently anticipating purchasing a high-end SLR in 2009. Also, while I prefer not to spam (Wikipedia or not), I do want to publicly thank Canon for their excellent customer service. I had been having some issues with the A640 and sent it in for several repairs over the course of a month, and ultimately my current A650 is a free replacement of my A640, provided courtesy of warranty repairs. They not only kept a customer, but have earned a loyal fan.