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Tools I use[edit]


A quick way to categorize images by months or dates[edit]

Sometimes, you end up with a category with images that are not categorized by date. Instead of clicking through each individual image to categorize them, you can use this method to speed everything up:

  1. Under gadgets, enable Cat-a-lot and Gallery details
  2. On the category page, click on Gallery details under the tools menu on the left-hand column
  3. Most date-based image categories involving images taken in the US is based off the template of "Month Year in State." Using your browser search function, search for "|date=YYYY-MM" where YYYY is the year and MM is the month you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for images taken in May 2016, then you would search for "|date=2016-05". It also helps to highlight every instance of that string.
  4. Use Cat-a-lot to copy or move those images into the correct category.

Exif tricks[edit]

  1. Whatever you write in the title field of your image's Exif data will automatically copy over to the description field when you upload that image