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My name is Andrew Crawford. I am mostly active on en-wiki and my userpage there is a bit more comprehensive.

Copyright and Permission

For commons purposes, please note that I really am Andrew Crawford, and that I sometimes upload pictures which contain EXIF information listing the copyright holder as Andrew Crawford (because that is the case) but also stating that the image may be used under a Creative Commons license (because I have decided to release it that way).

I am a serious amateur photographer. I have occasionally been paid for my photography. Some of the pictures I might upload are of decent quality (though some aren't so great!), but that is because I understand lighting and have moderately good equipment. In particular, I regularly have access to prominent Canadian film and television directors and producers, because for the last few years I have been the director of a local TV show made at the Atlantic Film Festival. In these cases I benefit from the professionally-lit TV set.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am Andrew Crawford, and if I upload a file credited to Andrew Crawford, containing a Creative Commons release in its EXIF information, please take this as evidence of permission that the copyright holder (me) has released the image under the license in question. An assumption of good faith in this matter would be much appreciated.