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This is a gallery of some the pictures I have uploaded. I have many more photos on my website (the indexes are under construction). All the pictures there are all copyright there, but please contact me if there are any you would like me to upload, as I will be happy to liscense most of them* more freely (generally under a cc-by-sa liscense) here. *Where a person other than me is the primary subject of the photo I will normally want to get their permission before uploading them elsewhere or changing the liscence.

These categories are fairly arbitrary, so some images might appear in more than one section.

Castles, etc[edit]

Cathedrals, Abbeys, Priories, Churches, etc[edit]

Ampitheatres, Forts and other prehistoric things[edit]

Stately homes, etc[edit]

Trains, Trams, stations & other railway related things[edit]

London Underground[edit]


Canals, Rivers etc[edit]

Ships, boats, etc[edit]

Roads, and road transportation related things[edit]

Villages, Towns and Cities[edit]

Coast and countryside[edit]

Everything else[edit]