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If you wish to use any of my images under a license other than the one(s) it is already published under please send me an email with all the following information:

  1. Which image(s) you wish to use (the URL(s) would be very helpful).
  2. What license(s) it is currently published under.
  3. What use you want to make of the image and why you cannot do this under the existing license(s).
  4. What license you want to use it under, and why.
  5. The email address you want a reply sent to, if this is different from the from: address.

I will try and answer your request as soon as I can, but I make no promises as to how quick this will be. I reserve the right not to grant your request.


  • If you are unable to send me an email via the above link, see my contact information on the English Wikipedia.
  • Everything here applies to photographs of mine published on the Commons or elsewhere.
  • Note that my email server does not send delivery or read-receipt notifications.

See also[edit]

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