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Andreas Tille


I'm a physicist by profession and I'm working in the field of information sciences. My main hobby is working on Free Software in the Debian GNU/Linux Distribution where I started the Debian-Med project. My second hobby is taking nature photos. I do this in my holidays exclusively and I'm a conservative photographer that sticks to using slides for his "real photos". As a consequence some of my uploaded images are not as good as the original slide would allow because the process of digitising was done automatically via Kodak Photo CD where not every single image gets the subtlety it would deserve. In case I will find some more time I might redo some scans manually but this is nothing that will happen soon.

  • Bodies: Minolta Dynax 7 / Minolta Dynax 600 / Minolta 9000
  • Lenses: 2,0/20; 2,8/100 Macro; 1,4/50; 1,4/28; 4/35-70; 4/70-210
  • Support: Manfrotto 190B; Gitzo Monotreck
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My favourite random shot as a beginner

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