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This form is only for uploading work found on Flickr created by someone else (not you). To upload work from somewhere other than Flickr, please use a different form.

The statement "This photo is public" DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT COPYRIGHT. It only says that the photo is publicly viewable. The license logo and link are located under the "Additional Information" heading. Please also see our guide about uploading Flickr images, which ones are permitted, and our additional caveats. If you need live help, feel free to ask it at Commons:Help desk.

Flickr images have 7 different license options. There is also a public domain collection, Flickr: The Commons, uploaded by participating organizations. 2 of the 6 Creative Commons (CC) licensing options are OK here:

Statement on image page. License OK here?
© All rights reserved Copyrighted Stop hand.svg NOT OK
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nc white.svgCc-nd white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-NC-ND Stop hand.svg NOT OK
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nc white.svgCc-sa white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-NC-SA Stop hand.svg NOT OK
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nc white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-NC Stop hand.svg NOT OK
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nd white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-ND Stop hand.svg NOT OK
Cc-by new white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY Green check.png OK
Cc-by new white.svgCc-sa white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-SA Green check.png OK
No known copyright restrictions. Public Domain Green check.png OK
The icon Cc-by new white.svg "BY" means the image license requires attribution, as in an image is "BY" a certain person. Cc-sa white.svg SA is for "Share Alike". Licenses with NC (Cc-nc white.svg - non-commercial use only) or ND (Cc-nd white.svg - no derivative works) are not OK here. If the image is not OK, consider asking the author to release their work under a free license such as CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution license), or CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike). See also Commons:OTRS.
Flickr can search its images by license. Click the "see more" links for each license. See the advanced search also. The Creative Commons search options are at the bottom.

Below the Information template, insert some categories that describe the content shown in the work. Fill in the description. Change the destination filename to something descriptive and meaningful. Be sure to upload the 'Original' or 'Large' version of the image, nothing smaller!

Keep in mind that Flickr users often don't know about copyright. If it is suspected that they are not the author of the work, it may be deleted here. Do not upload images from Flickr users listed on Commons:Questionable Flickr images.

If the image is OK, use Flinfo tool to extract the summary information and paste it below. If you are using this Flinfo tool, please use the simple form to upload the image. Commons also provides an experimental service, the Flickr upload bot, which enables users to easily transfer images from Flickr as an alternative to this page. There's also an alternative page using Magnus Manske's bot. Please note that these tools are unstable and may not always work flawlessly.