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My home-wiki in the Wikimedia Foundation Wikivoyage, but I am inactive there. I was involved in the migration of the German Wikivoyage, was an admin for a while and wrote some articles. Sometimes I write about some informations I learned during my travellings. And sometimes I'm writing one or another information in the German Wikipedia.

But most of my time I enjoy travelling virtually through the United Kingdom by categorizing files from the Geograph Project. In times of a possible Brexit I do this especially to confirm my wish the United Kingdom will stay in the European Union - I can't believe, that we will rebuild borders in Europe and that there are really people interested to divide instead of of unite people and countries. Hope that next time, when I will be able to travel through the UK with my bicycle I can do it as an European citizan in one of many united countries in the European Union.

visiting from time to time[edit]