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How to participate[edit]

Go to the file listing on Citizendium. Copy the "Where We're Up To" filename into the "Display pages starting at:" box. Check every picture alphabetically until you get fed up.

If you find one that should be uploaded, copy it into the bottom of the 'To Upload' section.

Things to look out for:

  • There are lots of copyvios.
  • There are images there copied from Flickr or Commons. If it's Flickr, you might want to check the source and if it's still available from Flickr, copy it using Bryan's Flickr Upload tool.
  • Not all images fall within the educational mission of Commons.

If you find an image that you have a query about, post about it on the talk page.

Alternatively, if you find an image on Citizendium that is an explicit copyvio, please also post on the talk page. Once we've finished porting images over, I'll be happy to notify Citizendium of the copyvios.

Where We're Up To[edit]

10.1371 journal.pmed.0030028.g001-L.gif

To Upload[edit]

Dupe check[edit]

Special cases[edit]