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New Zealand native birds[edit]

Female Hihi or Stitchbird (Notiomystis cincta)

Female Hihi or Stitchbird (Notiomystis cincta)
(The only image on this page that isn't a QI)

Sea birds[edit]

Red-billed gull

FP AwardRed billed gull (Larus scopulinus) in Wellington Harbour

New Zealand introduced birds[edit]

Farmed Ostrich

Farmed ostrich (Struthio camelus)

Spiders, Insects etc[edit]

Spiders and wasps[edit]

Wasp dragging spider

(My first ever submission to Featured Pictures was rejected but the second was accepted :-)
FP AwardSpider hunting wasp with victim (Family: Pompilidae)

Butterflies and Moths[edit]

Cinnabar moth caterpillar
Cinnabar moth caterpillar

Other insects (Weta, Grasshoppers etc)[edit]


Large cicada (Amphipsalta zelandica)


Wellington Green Gecko

Wellington Green Gecko (Naultinus elegans punctatus)


Beads of resin

Bead of resin on Pinus Radiata tree stump


Ragwort flowers
Ragwort flowers (Senecio jacobaea), Wellington, NZ


Amanita muscaria
FP AwardAmanita muscaria

Built Structures[edit]

Futuna Chapel[edit]

Futuna Chapel

Futuna Chapel, Karori, Wellington, NZ, viewed from the North West

The image maker[edit]

Olympus C-750

Olympus C-750 'self portrait'

The selection of my photographs that have been recognised as Quality Images or Featured Pictures
Images that have been accepted as Featured Pictures are tagged with FP Award
My full gallery can be seen here