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The Barnstar of Diligence
This Barnstar is hereby awarded for extraordinary scrutiny, precision, and community service, especially in regard to adding references to Biographies of Living Persons.

Awarded by PhilKnight (talk) 20:20, 9 March 2010 (UTC)

I guess I've been around long enough to give some reference to myself.

I am an expert in the sport of Track and field athletics with over 40 years of experience on all levels and functions.

As an offshoot of this I have leapt off to create a few missing articles that have related to knowledge I have gained in working with the sport, sometimes the reference is oblique but there is still a tie in. For example, I spent time creating articles for and marking defunct schools who I am familiar with through their athletic results. I've also added to other subjects I have knowledge about such as my profession of Television, or the musicological knowledge I gained from my early days in radio. With a Masters in Mass Communications, I have an anal retentive streak for poorly written articles. As I find them, I have used my english and developing wiki/html skills to correct many poor articles. "Good Articles" usually don't need my attention.

As I roam through wikipedia and now its administrative hierarchy, I am getting increasingly more upset with those who attack articles they do not understand. There is too much of a movement to create articles for deletion and adding unnecessary BLP unsourced tags. I am fervently working against the "Information Police" who wish to remove knowledge from this database. With the recent proposal that threatens to remove articles tagged with a BLP, I am making a serious effort to reference and remove those unreferenced BLP tags so valuable articles are not threatened. If you are able to read the article and understand the subject, then you should be speaking about its content. If you don't, butt out. For the un-human bots who are placing improper references and the people who have no expertise in a subject denying an article's significance, you will attract my ire.

My wiki philosophy is simple (taken from the statue outside Faber College). Knowledge is good.

Wikipedia Success Stories


This site is a collaborative collection of knowledge. I'm here helping to impart the missing information I am able to recall, much of it as an adjunct to what I am able to learn from the site. It sometimes makes the subject matter I jump in to seem haphazard. One such case produced the wonderful chain of events that shows what is possible. I found an article under attack at WP:AfD. Knowing a little about the subject I looked to see if that point was there (which it was), which took me another couple of links deeper. Standing out like a sore thumb was the air name of a radio legend I knew of. He had no article, so I googled to see what was available. After collecting what became about a dozen sources, I started the article Captain Mikey. Within hours, a couple of other editors discovered this article and added to it. One editor in particular has made close to 150 edits in the first three days of the life of this article. He has taken this from a better than average mention of this man's career, into details I could never have imagined were available. This shows the potential of Wikipedia and makes the battles to retain content worthwhile.