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Hello, I am Tim Bertelink. My wikipedia username is Triangulum. I am from the Netherlands and I speak Dutch and English.

Some of my interests are cryptozoology, mythology and dinosaurs. I like to make artist's impressions of extinct life and cryptozoological creatures.

If you like you can visit my User Page on the Dutch Wikipedia.

Userpages on other wikis[edit]

Uploaded images[edit]

I made these images with the program Adobe Photoshop.


Name Date of upload first version Description First sighting Last sighting Creature's location Picture
Emela-ntouka 17 April 2015 Artist's impression of the Emela-ntouka. Unknown 1981 Central Africa
Muhuru 04 May 2015 Artist's impression of the Muhuru. Unknown Unknown Kenya, Africa
Mothman 24 January 2016 Artist's impression of the Mothman. 12 November 1966 December 1967 Charleston, West Virginia
Nguma-monene 03 March 2016 Nguma-monene artist's impression 1945 1961 Republic of the Congo
Loveland frog 19 March 2016 Artist's impression of a Loveland frog at the side of the road. 1955 1972 Loveland, Ohio
Orang Pendek 29 April 2016 Artist's impression of an Orang Pendek. unknown unknown Sumatra
Kongamato 06 May 2017 Artist's impression of the kongamato. First described in 1923 Mwinilunga district's Jiundu swamps of Western Zambia, Angola and Congo
Mbielu-mbielu-mbielu 31 March 2020 Artist's impression of an Mbielu-mbielu-mbielu. unknown unknown Likouala region in the Republic of the Congo
Yowie 31 November 2020 Artist's impression of a Yowie. Australia

Prehistoric animals[edit]

Class Name Date of upload Period Habitat Picture
Arthropods Arthropleura 20 May 2016 Carboniferous Swampy forests of the Carboniferous period.
Mammals Indricotherium 25 May 2016 Oligocene Mongolian deserts of the Oligocene.
Mammals Leptictidium 30 May 2016 Eocene The jungles of the Eocene.
Birds Gastornis 2 June 2016 Eocene The jungles of the Eocene.
Mammals Deinotherium 20 June 2016 Miocene Woodlands of Africa and Eurasia.
Birds Kairuku 11 October 2016 Oligocene
Amphibians Koolasuchus 23 October 2016 Aptian The icy forests of Australia during the Aptian age.
Mammals Thylacine 20 February 2017 Early Pliocene to 1936 Tasmania
Mammals Thylacinus potens 22 February 2017 Late Miocene Tasmania
Arthropods Brontoscorpio 15 March 2017 Silurian The Silurian seafloor of modern Trimpley, Worcestershire.
Mammals Embolotherium andrewsi 31 March 2017 Early-Oligocene Gobi Desert
Mammals Platybelodon 20 June 2017
Arthropods Pterygotus 24 July 2017
Fish Dunkleosteus 10 August 2018 Devonian
Squids Cameroceras ?
Synapsids Diictodon ? Permian
Reptiles Peteinosaurus ?

Prehistoric plants[edit]

Name Date of upload Period Habitat Picture
Sigillaria 18 May 2016 Carboniferous Swampy forests of the carboniferous.
Lepidodendron 18 May 2016 Carboniferous Swampy forests of the carboniferous.
Cooksonia 20 March 2017


Name Date of upload Description Seen when Seen where Picture
Hopkinsville Goblin 19 February 2016 Artist's impression of an Hopkinsville Goblin. August 21, 1955 Near Hopkinsville, Kentucky and Kelly, Kentucky
Flatwoods monster 24 May 2016 Artist's impression of the Flatwoods monster. September 12, 1952 Flatwoods, West Virginia

Prehistoric landscapes[edit]

Date of upload Period/eon From Till Landscape
21 May 2016 Hadean 4.6 billion years ago 4.0 billion years ago
21 March 2017 Archean 4.0 billion years ago 2.5 billion years ago