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My image contributions to the Wikimedia-projects. Take a look - and feedback is always welcome :-)
User:Tsui/images01: Around the World
Images from various countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Finland, Germany, Spain, Portugal and USA: cities, landscapes, temples, works of art, animals, plants, beaches ...
User:Tsui/images02: Austria
Images from Austria, mostly Vienna: nature, buildings, sculptures and street views as well as images taken at events and animals that can be seen at one of the zoos and aquariums.
User:Tsui/images03: People I
Writers, painters and people known from theatre and film.
Ti Amo Tilda Swinton
User:Tsui/images04: People IIa
Part one of my ever expanding collection of photographies of musicians.
Soe Tolloy Molden, Resetarits & Band
User:Tsui/images08: People IIb
Part two of my photographies of musicians.
Hansi Lang - The Slow Club Skye
User:Tsui/images05: People III
It is often difficult to find images of living people with a license suitable für Wikipedia. So here is my little contribution to illustrate articels about scientists and space travellers, social workers and activists, journalists and publishers, sportspersons, politicians and people known (at least here in Austria) from TV.
Julia Dujmovits Vandana Shiva
User:Tsui/images06; Illustrations & Scans
Some illustrations I made and pictures that do not fit in one of the above galleries, and some scans.
Indian Ocean Earthquake, 2004
'Special' categories

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Life Ball 2013
Fatima Spar & Flip Philipp
DelaDap with Saedi
eloui@WAVES VIENNA 2012
Easy Rider 2012
ö-töne 2013
Nina Hartmann: Brasil
Véréna Paravel, Viennale 2013
Madame Nobel
Life Ball 2014
popfest 2014
Saedi@Hundsturm 2014
Clara Luzia@Fest für den Rundfunk 2014
Morcheeba@Ottakringer Brauerei 2014
Akua Naru
Match Me If You Can
Heimat bist du großer Dramen
Violetta Parisini
Life Ball 2015
Clara Blume
Mira Lu Kovacs + Lukas Lauermann
"Die Blumen von gestern"
Axolotl Overkill


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