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Nuvola apps biology.png

This picture represents an unidentified organism.
If you know the species, please add relevant image description to this template. Specifying the species field causes categorization to known species.
Thank you!

Regnum: unknown   Phylum: unknown   Subphylum: unknown   Classis: unknown   Ordo: unknown   Subordo: unknown   Familia: unknown   Subfamilia: unknown   Genus: unknown   Species: unknown
Images tagged with this template are categorized to subcategories of Category:Unidentified organisms as long as the species field is not defined.
According available information, this image is categorized to Category:Unidentified organisms, since the most specific category possible (Category:Unidentified organisms) maybe doesn't exist.


This is NOT a dublicate of Template:Unidentified organism!

Use this template to mark files as showing organisms. The file will be categorized according given information. The most specific, exiting categorie will be chosen. These are the subcategories of either Category:Phylogenetic tree of life or Category:Unidentified organisms, depending on whether the species parameter is given.