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Peitho and Anangke[edit]

For Themistocles had required the Andrians to pay down a sum of money; and they had refused, being the first of all the islanders who did so. To his declaration, "that the money must needs be paid, as the Athenians had brought with him two mighty gods – Persuasion (Peitho) and Necessity (Ananke)," they made reply, that "Athens might well be a great and glorious city, since she was blest with such excellent gods; but they were wretchedly poor, stinted for land, and cursed with two unprofitable gods, who always dwelt with them and would never quit their island – to wit, Poverty (Penia) and Helplessness (Amechania). These were the gods of the Andrians, and therefore they would not pay the money."

Herodotus, Histories, Book VIII

What I need to do...[edit]

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