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Those are archived messages about people saying they'd use my pictures outside of the Wikimedia projects. The gallery (just below) shows those pictures that have been used elsewhere (at least what I know!)

  • (I) means it has been used on Internet on a non-Wikimedia website
  • (P) means it has been used in a paper publication (e.g. magazine)
  • (PW) means it has been used in a personal or scholar work (e.g. thesis)
  • (A) means it has been used for an advertising material



I'm going to use Radu Mihaileanu's picture on israel's website,
I hope it's ok

Write me if not
thanks [1] - 25 février 2007 à 10:48

Picture (Demonstration against Mugabe)[edit]

Hello. I just want to let you know that we have used Image:Demonstration against Mugabe.JPG in an article about Zimbabwe here. Cheers and thanks for sharing.--Julianortega 14:22, 12 April 2007 (UTC)

Using your picture (Demonstration against Mugabe)[edit]


I am using your picture of the demonstration against Robert Mugabe in my blog,

If you would like it removed, I can edit the post--just contact me at my blog.

Thank you, Tyler [2] - 19 août 2007 à 17:03

Picture (Xmas in Sydney)[edit]

Hi. I would like you to give us the permission of using that image ( for our magazine which is due to be published in Nov, 2007. Here is the contents of the magazine so have a look and feel free to give us any question in using your picture. Regards. Mari from Japan.

Title of the book: The World Trivia with Map from Shobun-sha (Introducing the numerous world event such as world migration trend, world cuisine,species in danger...) Street date: In the beginning of Nov.2007 Length of Usage: 2 page( An A3 paper in fact ) Program Title: The world Christmas ( We will be presenting how to spend Christmas around world with the Map and pictures. Of course, so Australia must be put becuase it is Summer.

Territory: Japan Media: Magazine Term: We are supposed to use those images only this magazine. Number of prints runs: 70.000 issues in total.

Thank you and best regards.

Mari Kaneko ([3] - 19 octobre 2007 à 02:58

Using your picture[edit]


Hi there. You wrote, that you'd like to be informed, if someones uses your picture outside the project. Here I am :) I am going to use that picture in my thesis to illustrate a crowed in a subway. It fits perfectly! Thank you for releasing it into public domain! the preceding unsigned comment was added by Cali42 (talk • contribs)

I'm always glad when I see my pictures can be useful! Can I ask you what you thesis is about? I'm curious! Regards. --TwoWings * to talk or not to talk... 17:50, 31 January 2008 (UTC)
The topic translats with "Optimization of Agent's Behaviour in Pedestrian Simulations" ;) --Cali42 12:16, 1 February 2008 (UTC)

Picture (Demonstration against Mugabe) in SOF[edit]

Hi TwoWings, just thought I'd let you know that Soldier of Fortune Magazine used your Demonstration against Mugabe picture in their March 2008 issue, p. 34. Its illustrating the article "The Real Ian Smith". Nice picture, indeed Manxruler 13:16, 3 February 2008 (UTC)

1. Here's the link to Soldiers of Fortune Magazine's Wikipedia article:
2. Yes, they did respect your licence and credit you for the image. Here's the direct quote: "Photo taken by Wikipedia user TwoWings and used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 licence."
Manxruler 19:28, 4 February 2008 (UTC)
The image caption used by SOF Magazine was:
"Demonstrators in London in 2006 protest the policies of Robert Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe. Mugabe's dictatorship has seized a number of farms and Zimbabwe has fallen from being the bread basket of Africa to a country where nearly half the people are malnourished."
Manxruler 19:36, 4 February 2008 (UTC)
Oh, yeah, and the article is about how President Mugabe has pretty much ruined his country and that Ian Smith [4] - the President of Rhodesia - wasn't really such a bad guy as Mugabe and Co. portrayed him. Manxruler 22:27, 4 February 2008 (UTC)

Image Camargue horse[edit]

I shall be using your image of the carmarge horse. the preceding unsigned comment was added by Photopro20 (talk • contribs)

I will be using it on a website called the preceding unsigned comment was added by Photopro20 (talk • contribs)

Hello, I want to use the image of the horse on the site Deviantart. If it's ok. If you want to know where it is on DA, my name is zeepaarden.


Bonjour Jraf! Je suis pas une pro en wikipédia donc je ne sais pas si j'écris au bon endroit... Je voudrais savoir s'il serait possible d'utiliser une des photos qui est sur Sibiu : Vue panoramique de la Piaţa Mica depuis la tour, à Sibiu (Roumanie). C'est pour un site que je crée sur cette ville et la photo est vraiment belle. Si ce n'est pas possible, prévenez-moi: Merci beaucoup!

Utilisation d'une image signalée à l'auteur[edit]

(Image:Rusty road sign (dead end).JPG)


Désolé, je ne suis pas très familier des Wikis. Simplement pour signaler à l'auteur TwoWings que j'avais utilisé sa photo pour illustrer une note sur mon burp.



L'mimage à été utilisée pour illustrer la fiche du Stade Gerland sur le site structurae. 10:27, 15 August 2008 (UTC)

Photos of Romania[edit]


  • I've used two photos you've taken in Giurgiu, Romania: [1st picture], [2nd photo]
  • They are included in a paper publication, togehter with many other photos depicting places and turist attractios in Romania. The publication is called "România-partener pentru Europa" (en: Romania-parterer for Europe), but it is not released yet.
  • I mentioned your username and specified Wikipedia, and also the type of license (one was released into the public domain and the other was licensed with cc-by-sa-3.0).

Thank you and have a nice day! :Andreibanc (talk) 10:19, 24 August 2008 (UTC)

Rives sur Berges[edit]


Nous avons utilisé la photo "Rives sur Berges" sur une bache lors d'un salon immobilier. Nous souhaitions illustrer une résidence que nous commercialisons à Lyon 7ème. Si vous souhaitez nous contacter, rdv sur le site ou

Bien cordialement,

L'équipe marketing d'Iselection.

Blue house[edit]

used ur pic File:Blue-house-Koprivshtitsa.JPG @ rgds 19:33, 12 December 2008 (UTC)

  • Hi there - we use your work in this article at Greetz Ali-kr (talk) 00:12, 13 December 2008 (UTC)


Hi, I just wanted to let you know about using your image on my blog at if you want to have an attribution to a website or to your page here please let me know. 13:44, 28 January 2009 (UTC)

Ive added attribution with mention to the licence. Your name [Two wings] links to here, if you like I could change this to your blog instead. Im glad you like my blog!! Im currently in Bulgaria so not able to post much but will be posting alot when back in the UK after the 21st. Ill definately be looking at the harbour you mentioned :D 13:59, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

Demande utilisation photo scrabble french dans livre d'enseignement "Perspectives A1" Editions Cornelsen, Berlin[edit]


En tête des éditions qui s’occupent des médias scolaires en Allemagne, notre maison prépare actuellement la publication d’un manuel destiné à l’enseignement du français,

intitulé: Perspectives A1 nouvelle édition tirage: environ 10.000 exemplaires parution: avril 2009 marché: Allemagne

dans lequel nous aimerions reproduire la photo du scrabble (french) dont vous êtes auteur, dans l'unité 5 "le temps libre".

Nous vous serions reconnaissants de nous accorder le droit de reproduction. Bien entendu, nous ferons mention de votre copyright dans l’ouvrage et vous ferons parvenir la page en document pdf, si vous le désirez.

En vous remerciant de votre coopération, nous vous prions d’agréer, Monsieur, l’expression de nos sentiments les meilleurs.

Nicole S. Abt Redaktion Moderne Fremdsprachen Cornelsen Verlag GmbH Mecklenburgische Str. 53 14197 Berlin

Tel. 030/897 85 - 123 Fax 030/897 85 - 732

AG Charlottenburg HRB 114796 Geschäftsführer: Hartmuth Brill Wolf-Rüdiger Feldmann Martin Hüppe Dr. Tilmann Michaletz

Message d'IP trop flou pour savoir quelle image a été utilisée![edit]

Le Musée National du Sport a utilisé cette image pour illustrer un livret pédagogique pour les jeunes sur le développement durable.

Car and buildings in Oradour-sur-Glane[edit]

I will use this photo on my blog at on the 27th April. I'll give you credit for the photo of cource.

Rusty car in Oradour-sur-Glane[edit]

I would like to use this photo in an article I am writing about abandoned cars.

Mirror ball performer (2006)[edit]

I've used this photo in an article about critics' predictions for this year's Edinburgh Festival: You are credited in the Links section (right hand side of the page).

(exact link)


Foto de TwoWings ("CC-BY-3.0")

Cher ami, J'ai utilisé votre foto Traces.JPG sur mon blog Muchachos en depresión (déprimés garçons). Je veux écrire ton nom, parce que vous êtes l'auteur. Comment dois-je écrire?

Merci beaucoup. --AlbeiroR24 (talk) 10:34, 28 November 2009 (UTC)

Merci beaucoup!

J'ai déjà fait. -- 14:42, 29 November 2009 (UTC)


Hi TwoWings, I used your photo on my website:

Thanks! Kat.

Photo of Romania[edit]


My name is Iulia and I would kindly like to ask you permission for using your photo. It is going to be used for a project for Dutch people who want to learn Romanian and for Romanians who want to learn Dutch. Thanks a lot. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk • contribs) 21:59, 17 January 2010 (UTC)

Which picture? --TwoWings * to talk or not to talk... 07:11, 20 January 2010 (UTC)
First of all thank you for your reaction. The picture that I would like to use is the one with the Romanian taxi.
Best regards,

permission to use Car_in_Oradour-sur-Glane4.jpg[edit]

Hi, My father is publishing a small book of his memoirs (in the US). It will have a small circulation (<200) since it is mainly of interest to his family and friends. He is an old navy man and a history buff. He loves your picture, Car_in_Oradour-sur-Galne4, that you posted on Wikimedia and would like to use it in his book. The picture would appear inside the book. I want to check if it is OK that he use the photo. If it is, how would you like him to credit the photo? You can email me at Thank you very much for your consideration and time. Sincerely, Dorine Starace Staraced (talk) 16:04, 27 January 2010 (UTC)

Utilisation CNRS[edit]

Nous allons utiliser l'image dans un bandeau sur le site Chronisanté : Nous sommes un institut du Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), France. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Millerand (talk • contribs) 09:04, 21 January 2010 (UTC)

Quelle photo? --TwoWings * to talk or not to talk... 09:25, 21 January 2010 (UTC)

Il s'agit de Le dieu du temps qui passe. Est-il possible que cette statue, magnifique, soit incorporée dans un bandeau aléatoire d'un site officiel traitant de la prise en charge des maladies chroniques ? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Inist (talk • contribs) 21 January 2010 (UTC)

Quelle photo? Est-ce la même demande que ci-dessus? --TwoWings * to talk or not to talk... 12:24, 30 January 2010 (UTC)
Désolée pour l'erreur, glissée dans ma demande. Il s'agit de, pour un site institutionnel sur les maladies chroniques (Inist-CNRS,
OK. Merci pour la précision. Et merci pour votre intérêt et pour votre message. Vous pouvez évidemment utiliser cette image comme bon vous semble puisque je l'ai cédée au domaine public (donc il n'est même pas utile de mentionner mon nom). Bonne continuation. --TwoWings * to talk or not to talk... 18:25, 1 February 2010 (UTC)

Mukiwa review[edit]

Hello, I am writing a review of Peter Godwin's book Mukiwa set in Zimbabwe. I would like to use the photo of protests against Mugabe to illustrate my paper. This is a not for profit project. Thanks Janice (the review will appear on

Photo usage permission[edit]


As requested by you on this page -

I would like to share my intent with you on using said pic in the following article -

The copyright and attribution is done at the end of the piece. Should you prefer we use your real name, please share the same. Should you object to usage, please feel free to drop me a line at and I shall immediately remove the same, respecting your rights as the author.

Kind regards


Photo use[edit]

As requested I wanted to let you know that I have used your photo: Sincere "Hate" Message in a collage on Polyvore. Viewers of the collage will see the image came from you. You can view the collage here: If you don't wish this image to be used please let me know. Thank you for a great image.

Statue of David Hume[edit]

Two Wings: In accordance with your request, I'm letting you know that I liked your picture of the statue of David Hume, and I'm using it in a digital textbook for Introduction to Philosophy. Thanks for your work!

Pursuant to your request I use your picture in a class notes. Thanks for the picture Used in: 20Empiristas and:

Utilisation du fichier : Candles Notre-Dame[edit]


comme tu l'as indiqué sur le fichier en question, je voudrais t'avertir de mon intention d'en utiliser une version adaptée sur mon site : Les aventures de Nathalie ( Le chapitre où il va figurer n'a pas encore été publié, mais cela ne saurait pas tarder.

Merci beaucoup !

PS : J'espère que j'ai inséré le sujet à la bonne place, j'en suis à mes premiers pas sur WP ...

utilisation photo Notre Dame la Grande Poitier[edit]


Dans le cadre de mon mémoire de master, sur l'art roman et l'art gothique à l'école, je cherche des images d'églises et de cathédrales, J'aimerai dans ce cadre utilise rvotre photographie de Notre Dame la Grande de de Poitier. Je mentionnerai bien entendu votre nom dans le mémoire.


Centre for Law and Democracy[edit]

Dear TwoWings, In accordance with your request, I am happy to inform you that my organization is using your excellent photograph of the demonstration against Robert Mugabe's regime in London to accompany a brief article. The Centre for Law and Democracy is an international organization that works to promote government transparency around the world, and we are currently in the process of commencing a project in Zimbabwe aimed at improving the state of access to information. You can find the photograph here: Best wishes and keep up the good work, Michael Karanicolas Legal Officer Centre for Law and Democracy

File:Frog (Morocco).jpg[edit]

Hi TwoWings!

I have use a photo of Hyla meridionalis in my free software educational proyect "Animalandia" (

You can see directy in the follow link:

If you wish, you can send me some letters or/and a photo for your "contributor card" in Animalandia:

This is my "contributor card", for example:

In the future, I use more of your photos, I sure!

Thank you for the licence and, of course, for your splendid work in wikimedia!! Regards! Fernando Lisón

--Fernando.lison (talk)

platypus picture[edit]

i'm in college and creating a website for a project to be used at the college about the platypus it would be used mostly for learning html i would like to use this image and i would attribute to Wikipedia and you the original provider thank you

Platypus photo thanks.[edit]

We're using your platypus photo on our charity web site, Roar & Squeak, with a link back to the Wikipedia image page. Thanks! 17:11, 4 March 2012 (UTC)