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I'm Twthmoses - the categorizer[edit]

For me categories are the only way to organize this place. So I work in categories, nearly exclusively. This is a media library not another wikipedia.

I work fast, and a bit dirty at times. I would like to add text to all my edits but does not always do it. On "normal" edits I do it. But when I find categories in fully disorder, I can make 100 of edits in a short time, and then seldom added text to my edits.

Things that drive me crazy![edit]

  • Uncategorized images! Now I work and breathe categories, so to me this is incomprehensible. Why would somebody not categorize an image or a sound? Makes no sense to me, none at all. To me categories are the only way to organize a media library. Articles? Huh? I go to wikipedia. to read articles; here I want files files files...
  • Untagged images (or images with only add-on tags, but no actual copyright tag). For /&%¤#&#% ... they are ruthless tagged with the unknown or delete
It has been established that tagging images under blunt statements from National copyright laws is sufficient tagging to remain on Wiki Commons. By that there is no need to tag images as copyright violations - you don’t even have to tag your upload with a free license, otherwise an absolute required tagging of Wiki Commons uploads, even knowingly copyright images. I personally to the strongest disagree with this obscure practice, as I see it as a direct violation of the rights of the author.Twthmoses 15:52, 7 Apr 2005 (UTC)
  • Dump categories. Hello man!!! Some categories are just bottomless dump wholes. It is my mission in life to organize and/or clear them.

Current projects[edit]

  • Coats of arms. Found it in literally disorder in late March 2005. Have now made a good foundation for it (I think). Searched though all 50.000 files here – really - to find every single Coat of arms and categories them. I would say I have touched 90% or more of them by now.
  • Flags. Same as Coats of arms. Created well over 200 new categories here.
  • Logos. Getting it on….
  • And all kind of symbols in general..
Kind of lost interest for now, as absolute violation of the rights of the author, has been permitted in these categories. Something I to the strongest disagree with. Twthmoses 15:52, 7 Apr 2005 (UTC)
  • No current projects, just hanging around.