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This file might be outdated. The latest version is always available at github.

# run twice a day, at 12.30 and 00.30

from __future__ import unicode_literals

import sys, os, datetime
import mwclient
import locale
locale.setlocale(locale.LC_TIME, 'no_NO.utf-8'.encode('utf-8'))

now =

# If we run at midnight, then upload the results of last day
if now.hour == 0:
    now -= datetime.timedelta(hours=1)

year, week, day = now.isocalendar()
weekstart = now - datetime.timedelta(days = day-1)

filename = 'Nowp Ukens konkurranse %s.svg' % now.strftime('%Y-%W')

if not os.path.isfile(filename):
    sys.stderr.write('File "%s" was not found\n' % filename)

pagetext = """== {{int:filedesc}} ==
|Description    ={{no|1=Resultater for [[:no:Wikipedia:Ukens konkurranse/Ukens konkurranse %(yearweek)s|Ukens konkurranse uke %(week)s, %(year)s]]}}{{en|1=Results from the weekly article writing challenge at Norwegian Bokmål/Nynorsk Wikipedia [[:no:Wikipedia:Ukens konkurranse/Ukens konkurranse %(yearweek)s|week %(week)s, %(year)s]]}}
|Source         ={{own}}
|Date           =%(weekstart)s
|Author         =[[User:UKBot|UKBot]]

== {{int:license-header}} ==

[[Category:Ukens konkurranse]]""" % { 'yearweek': now.strftime('%Y-%W'), 'week': now.strftime('%W'), 'year': now.strftime('%Y'), 'weekstart' : weekstart.strftime('%F') }

from wp_private import ukbotlogin
commons = mwclient.Site('')

f = open(filename, 'rb')
forcenew = False
if forcenew or (day == 0 and now.hour == 12):
    commons.upload(f, filename, comment = 'Bot: Uploading new "Ukens konkurranse" plot at week-start', description = pagetext)
    commons.upload(f, filename, comment = 'Bot: Updating plot', ignore = True)