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To contact the operator, use his talk page.

This bot's task is to create and maintain galleries on Commons that record the use of files by other projects that are not supported by Special:GlobalUsage.

The bot operates automatically in daily and weekly batches, editing at a rate of up to 12 edits per minute.

The bot's code is available on GitHub.

Operational details[edit]

The bot maintains two collections of galleries. It does not make any edits to pages outside of those galleries.

The bot fetches the list of files in use on Wikitech using the MediaWiki API and maintains a series of galleries as subpages of Commons:Files used on Wikitech that between them contain all the Commons files used on Wikitech.

It also fetches a list of values of the wikimedia_commons key in OpenStreetMap using Taginfo and uses that to maintain subpages of Commons:Files used on OpenStreetMap.