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I primarily upload high-quality car images that I have personally photographed in China. My hope is that my uploads will improve the quality of Chinese car images on Wikimedia Commons and benefit Wikipedia. Every single file usage of my images on Wikipedia is my biggest motivation of my uploads.

Since I am not interested in trucks, buses, motorcycles, tricycles and tractors, you wouldn't able to see any of those in my uploads unless you made a request from me on my discussion page. Besides, any requests of car photos (especially for Chinese and Japanese cars) are welcome and do leave a message in my discussion page or any feedback of anything I can do better in my photos. I'm keep trying my best to improve my images in my every uploads.

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My most impressed photographer on Wikimedia Commons


Navigator84: The first photographer ever upload mass Chinese car images in Wikimedia Commons and also inspire my carspotting journey in China. Without his uploads I wouldn't even realise how unique are the cars in China compare to rest of the world despite I used to visit China regularly. I hope I could visit as many place as he have been in China for spotting more quirky Chinese-spec cars.

Kevauto: The pioneer of bringing high quality Chinese car images to Wikmedia Commons and also bring us many quirky American car which I have never seen before.

Vauxford and Alexander-93: Bringing high-quality European car images and also some interesting JDM and USDM car spots in Europe.

OSX: Bringing many quirky old car spots in Australia. Sadly no longer active.

My aim is to combined the quality of Vauxford and Alexander-93 with the content of Navigator84 in my uploads.