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Västgöten visit a over 5000 years old passage grave (burial chamber) in Västergötland.

Västgöten (nickname) or Harri Blomberg (real name) from Göteborg, Sverige. I am Master (we have a Swedish term called “Magister”) of arts (Archaeology, Gothenburg University, Sweden), but I also have studied over 9 years (summer 2008) at universities (many different themes) in Sweden, Finland and Russia, and before that 5 years with residential college for adult education in Sweden and Åland, beside around 3 years with senior high school, only in Sweden. My first language is Swedish (understand and talk also some kind of Danish and Norwegian ditto) and second Finnish (talk and understand some kind of Estonian ditto), the third English (or Swenglish), but I try learn better... :-) also talk and understand little German and Russian. Of course… I am proud European with so many languages and cultures… smile.

Ps. During autumn 2007 – spring 2009 I study a master course – Cultural heritage and modernity – in the aims archaeology, history and ethnology at Gothenburg University. Ds.