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Hi folks around the world!

My name is Jerry MagnuM Porsbjer and I'm a professional photographer living in the far north of Sweden.

My first own camera was an Agfa Isola II. It was a present from my mother. She understod that her little 8 y.o. boy was in need of a camera to immortalize his way in life. Since that day I've been taking photograps where ever I have been. I never leave home without my camera. The number of cameras I've owned is so many as I can't remember them all. I'm working with different Nikon cameras and my main camera is a Nikon D3S digital SLR-camera. I was early testing digital cameras, long before they was usable for anything else but fun and some exclusive experiments. Year 2004 I put my cemical cameras in a box up on the attic, only the lences are still in use. When I take a photograph I always try to find the special light without using artificial light, especially flash lite as I hate! My wish is to delight you all who look at my pictures. If you reuse my pics, please give credit Photo: Jerry MagnuM Porsbjer.

Welcome to see more on my website: MagnumphotO

You also can see some pictures and read stories about them (often in english) on two of my facebook-sites: Me on facebook MagnumphotO on facebook

Regards, MagnuM on MagnumphotO