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Versageek's Philosophy[edit]

Photography & Licensing[edit]

  1. I am a "lucky photographer" - in that I snap lots of pictures, and when I'm lucky - some of them are good.
  2. Photography is a hobby for me, not a vocation - thus, I release the majority of my photos under free license. The exceptions being:
  1. Pictures of recognizable private individuals. *
  2. Things I've modified extensively with Photoshop or similar image editing software.
* In the unlikely event that I was actually in the vicinity of notable celebrities and managed to take decent pictures, I would release them under free license.

Image Hosting[edit]

  1. WMF isn't a free image host, so I don't upload all of my pictures here, just the ones that might reasonably be used to illustrate a subject.
  2. I maintain an account on Flickr for the other photographs I wish to share with the world. I generally license under CC-BY-SA or just CC-BY, except as noted above.
  3. I recently started a Flickr group for CC licensed photos of Public Safety in action, it can be found here.

My Commons Contributions[edit]

  1. Occasionally I will upload an image to Flickr and later decide that I'd like to upload it to Commons as well. I will note this in the image description, with a link to the Flickr image. I try to avoid this, but sometimes it happens.
  2. Occasionally I will upload an image provided to WMF in an OTRS email. In such cases I will ensure to the best of my ability that the person providing it has the authority to license, and that they specifically release it under a Commons compatible license. In addition, I will link the OTRS ticket on the image page, please feel free to check up on me & let me know if I've made any errors.

Where to Reach Me[edit]

I only check in on Commons when I have something to upload, if you need to reach me in a hurry, I'm usually on IRC as Versageek, or leave me a message at My English Wiktionary Talk Page or My English Wikipedia Talk Page

Interesting things relating to WMF[edit]

  • Archimedes Screw was used on the w:BBC One television show "Helicopter Heros" - Season 3 Episode 10. The flight medics use this image to explain to Emergency doctors how a farm worker injured his lower legs. The Commons logo is clearly visible on the screen.
  • Mediawiki software appeared in w:Flashpoint (TV series) Season 3, Episode 9. Where it was used to look up the history of a fictional location "The Godwin Coliseum".
  • The English Wikipedia page w:Money laundering appeared in w:Breaking Bad, Season 3, Episode 12. Where one of the main characters is researching how to launder money.
  • On w:NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2, Episode 22 "Plan B" - character w:Kensi Blye is said to have Gone all Wikipedia on us and later referred to as Wikipedia after informing Callen and his friend about the eating habits of w:Allegators.