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Hi! My name is Victor Grigas. I'm a contributor to Wikipedia since 2005. I have a background in film, audio and video and am interested in all things open source and public domain :)

I have a big gallery of the images I've uploaded to Commons and Wikipedia on my Wikipedia page here.

Me taking a photo of a big moth in Hong Kong

The Impact of Wikipedia
This is me - as shot by Matthew Roth
Cet utilisateur a téléversé Médias remarquables sur Wikimedia Commons.
Victor Grigas  (1980–)  wikidata:Q62502385
Victor Grigas
Autres noms
Victor Hamilton Grigas; victorgrigas; vgrigas
Description photographe, vidéaste, wikimédien ou wikimédienne, wikipédien et conteur ou conteuse américain
Date de naissance 20 août 1980 Éditer sur Wikidata
Lieu de naissance Chicago
creator QS:P170,Q62502385
The Photographer's Barnstar
For your wonderful photojournalism during the great blackout, I award you this star. Guerillero | My Talk 07:00, 19 January 2012 (UTC)

TUSC token: ca1069c8265885bb5337979a9f550e83[modifier]

I am now proud owner of a WMFLabs TUSC account!