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Piet Spaans
April 19, 1962 — August 16, 2014

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My name is Piet Spaans, living in Gelderland, the Netherlands. On the dutch wikipedia I carry the same name. I decided to upload a lot of pictures to commons, because pictures should be watched and used. On my PC they are only of use to me. I made a lot of pictures of small vertebrates and insects. Many were taken in nature reserves in the Netherlands. So I could also photograph rare species as Coronella austriaca, Vipera berus and various dragonflies.

I hope people might appreciate the beauty of these protected and endagered animals and will be more inclined to protect the special habitats an the species that live there.

I use a compact superzoom (Minolta Z3) which I combine with various macro converters that are in accordance with the shyness and format of the animal photographed. The Canon 250D , that allows pictures at full zoom from a distance of ca 250 mm is what I use most, because of it's superb quality. I also use macro converters from Raynox with a very practical clip on system.