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Most of my photos were taken with Canon PowerShot SX700 HS. Meanwhile technical development has continued constantly, up to drone acitivities!
My intention was/is to assist by showing and describing still missing objects and views.

So, for the benefit of Wikimedia Commons categories and Wikipedia edits:

You are very w e l c o m e to make better quality versions of any of Vitavia's photos - and don't hesitate to replace them in articles and lists!

Vitavia's most difficult but finally successful investigations:

T h a n k s for very appricated pictures „on demand“ in favour of Commons categories and Wikipedia articles t o:
Hinnerk11, Nightflyer, NNW, SuicideSociety

T h a n k s for illustrative pictures in favour of some of Vitavia's German Wikipedia edits t o:
AdreasPreafcke, Dirtsc, Jwaller, Lumu, Tsungam:

T h a n k s for (more or less unintentionally) special humor pictures t o:
Jwaller, Nightflyer, NNW:

T h a n k s for optimal corrections of Vitavia files t o:
Aschroet (inscriptions), Nightflyer (declination):

Vitavia's One-Hit-Wonder, 35th/Germany WLM 2015: