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Contact Me[edit]

Leave a message on my talk page.

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I am on the following IRC channels most of the time:

#wikipedia-en - #wikipedia - #wikipedia-social - #countervandalism

Feel free to ping or PM me if you want to talk about anything.

About Me[edit]

Hi there - Please continue reading - I might not be as terminally boring as you think. I live in Leatherhead, Surrey. I am 16 years old (I was born just two minutes into my parents' third wedding anniversary, on the 30th of July 1991). I have been to a record number of schools (five), considering that I've only moved house once, due to various problems (of these, I only left one because I had come to the end of the highest year). Don't worry - I haven't ever been kicked out of a school, if that's what you're thinking. I feel that, if I didn't have more important things to do, that I would be campaigning to end bullying by staff in schools, which I have experienced a number of times. My musical tastes are fairly varied - my mum is a church organist , so I've been heavily influenced by that (although in recent times I've largely abandoned religious faith myself). Otherwise, I'm into anything that counts as rock or metal, apart from nu-metal and emo. I don't support any political party in particular, but if I was forced to, I would support Ed Miliband's Labour party. He's the least bad of them - but, being a politician, he would rather strangle himself than listen to the wishes of the ordinary people, I'm sure. I've gone RIGHT off the Tories what with their 'reforms' of the NHS, education, the economy, the BBC, the News International scandals etc etc etc... I am proud of my Scottish ancestry and claim reasonably close relationship with the Chieftan of Clan MacLennan. I am also a third cousin or something like that of the great English composer Herbert Howells and live very close to Dorking, the hometown of Howells' great friend and mentor Ralph Vaughan Williams.

My photography[edit]

All my photos are taken on my dad's old Olympus OM101 analogue SLR with 35-70mm range zoom lens and power focus: more pics are on their way, some taken with a recently-purchased 50mm fixed lens. This camera will eventually, I hope, be superseded with my own Olympus E-510 or E-520 when I have the money to buy it... maybe even an E-3... my main subjects are churches, pipe organs, railways and the counties of Surrey and Sussex: I often combine several of these.

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User:VH8/Userpage -- Edit (long overdue as this is now Autumn 2012) - in addition to the OM101, I also own an OM-2N, an OM-2SP, at one point an OM-30 (retired due to combination of rippling shutter certain and dreadful battery life), an OM-10 (little used) and an OM707 (Olympus' only autofocus 35mm SLR). I remain an avowed film man! I've also got something like 40 lenses... must at some point list what I've got! One of my main lenses is a 50mm f1.4 - very useful. Sigma 28-70 and Olympus 35-105 are among the other most frequently used lenses, along with a Sigma 75-300, Hoya fixed 300mm (the Olympus one is heinously expensive to buy secondhand!), Sirius 18-28mm (widest lens I can find for the Olympus mount)... the OM101/OM707's main lenses are a 28-85mm and 70-210mm big telephoto - these are both capable of running the 707's autofocus and the 101's power focus. The old manual focus OM lenses do fit these cameras but the power/auto lenses will not fit the old manual focus bodies.