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Hi, my name is Wolfgang,

I'm from the german Wikipedia (same Username since May 2004).

My Hometown is Mülheim an der Ruhr in Westgermany (Ruhr Area).

Year of birth: 1957

Special work on commons:

  • Uploading pics related to the following themes:
  • Pacificwar during WWII
  • The Overlord Campaign in Northern France
  • Related pics to the projects (see below)


  • Human Spaceflight
  • Ancient Egypt
  • My Hometown

Member of the international project Imperialism and world wars and the german project Imperialismus und Weltkriege related to Portal:Imperialismus und Weltkriege

Meet me in the german Wikipedia ==> Benutzer:W.wolny

>> My latest uploaded pictures <<

Important Information about my post-worked pictures (mostly WW2-Pics):

The pics found on Sites like .mil, .gov, Imperial War Museum and the NARA US-Archives (arcweb) are original scans from old pics and where putting on the web "as they are". I used the Free-Software Tool "Helicon-Filter" to denoise, brighten up and sharpen the pics. After that most pics were manually cleared from faults. There is no falsification on any pic.

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