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My name is Warren LeMay, and I am a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati's DAAP Program, holding a Bachelor's of Science in Architecture, a Certification in Historic Preservation, and a Certification in Urban Planning. I am the creator of thousands of photos of structures at a high resolution that I have uploaded to Flickr under public domain licenses, which are available on Wikimedia and available for usage on various pages. I am a native of Sylva, North Carolina, and have spent a lot of time traveling to various places across the Southeastern and Midwestern United States photographing beautiful historic buildings, historic sites, and streetscapes. I am not that well-versed in putting references in articles, but I mainly wish to focus on updating photos and providing current information on the appearance and historic nature of places, especially if I have travelled there recently.

My apologies if I did get a little volatile or heated, I am doing my best to keep myself collected and learn the social dynamics on this site.

My Flickr Page: