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Hi there! My name is Louis Tarpin, and if you are here, why not take a look at my Commons pics? Yes, only pics (unless it changes in the future, but I can't foresee it coming). I also have other photos published on 500px under my real name, and some photos published here and there on Internet. If you're interested in licensed pictures, send me a message ;)

I'm also on Wikipedia French and English, mostly busying myself with stuff about politics, the EU, Estonia (where I lived) and Finland (where I live). Here, I will mostly put pictures of buildings I go to, especially those which are not easily accessible, and concerts I go to, trying to get different angles and clear shots of the band members. But pretty ones.

To me photography has to be beautiful first, didactic second. Which is why I do upload stuff such as this one here, taken in the Riigikogu, the Estonian Parliament, in 2017, or this one here, taken at an Eläkeläiset concert in Helsinki, Finland, in 2019.

You may have noticed I quite like black and white. This is linked with the previous statement. I don't believe you have to remove all style elements when posting pictures here, but that you can instead contribute to a variety and diversity of points of view, when you publish photos which are different. Portraits in colors, frontally? Sure, that shows something. But what about the face of that person from the side, or under stage lighting, or in natural light?

If you use my photos, please respect the CC-BY-SA license :) If you need special photos from Tallinn or Helsinki, also let me know and I'll try to do it :)

Recently added to Wikimedia Commons[edit]

  • Photos of Sabaton (supported by Apocalyptica and Amaranthe) concert in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki (Finland), 23 November 2019 (heavy metal, electro metal, melodic metal, accredited)
  • Photos of Powerwolf (supported by Gloryhammer) concert in The Circus, Helsinki (Finland), 19 November 2019 (power metal concert, accredited)
  • Photos of Sonata Arctica's (supported by Arion and Temple Balls) concert in The Circus, Helsinki (Finland), 7 November 2019 (hard rock/power metal concert, accredited)
  • Photos of Suomenlinna's buildings from inside, 2 November 2019 (architecture)
  • Photos of Michael Monroe's concert in Tavastia, Helsinki (Finland), 19 October 2019 (glam/punk rock concert, accredited)
  • Photos of Melrose and Uriah Heep's concert in Kultuuritalo, Helsinki (Finland), 12 October 2019 (rock/hard rock, accredited)
  • Photos of Arion at the Heavy Metal Heart festival in On The Rocks, Helsinki (Finland), 11 October 2019 (power metal, accredited)
  • Photos of Marko Hietala's concert in Tavastia, Helsinki (Finland), 28 September 2019 (rock/metal concert, accredited)
  • Photos of boats and landscape from Helsinki (Finland), 27 September 2019 (icebreakers, SAR ship)
  • Photos of National Nightmare and The 69 Eyes at Nosturi, Helsinki (Finland), 31 August 2019 (dark rock concert, accredited)
  • Photos of Kesäranta, Helsinki (Finland), 31 August 2019 (Prime minister's house, exterior)
  • Photos of l'Alpe du Grand Serre and La Morte, Isère (France), 28 August 2019 (mountains)
  • Photos of Kalmah and Ensiferum at Tavastia Club, Helsinki (Finland), 10 August 2019 (metal concert, accredited)
  • Photos of Saarihelvetti Festival, Tampere (Finland), 2-3 August 2019 (accredited)
  • Photos of John Smith Festival, Peurunka (Finland), 20-21 July 2019 (accredited photographer)
  • Photos of Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, Helsinki, 28-30 June 2019 (accredited)
  • Photos of Helsinki's West Harbour, June 2019 (general views)
  • Photos of Niguliste Church, Tallinn (Estonia), May 2019 (items, inside view)
  • Photos of Tallinn Old Town Hall, Tallinn (Estonia), May 2019 (tapestry, building details)
  • Photos of literary festival HeadRead, Tallinn (Estonia), May 2019 (writers portraits)
  • Photos of Finlandia Hall, May 2019 (furniture)
  • Photos of Kõigi Eesti concert in Tallinn Singing grounds (Estonia), April 2019 (pop concert)
  • Photos of Suomenlinna, April 2019 (landscapes, museum artefacts)
  • Photos of Arppeanum in 2019 (building details)
  • Photos of Eläkeläiset, March 2019 (humppa concert)
  • Photos of Sonata Arctica, February 2019 (metal concert)
  • Photos of Skàlmöld,February 2019 (metal concert)
  • Photos of Bootyard Bandits, February 2019 (metal concert)
  • Photos of the Estonian National Museum, November 2018 (building, artefacts)
  • Photos of Kultuurikatel (Tallinn, Estonia) in 2017 (mixed)