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Hi there! My name is Louis Tarpin, and if you are here, why not take a look at my Commons pics? Yes, only pics (unless it changes in the future, but I can't foresee it coming). I also have photos published online for magazines and on my Instagram account, @TarpinPhotos. If you're interested in licensed pictures or want me to cover a show for you specifically, send me a message.

I'm also on Wikipedia French and English, mostly busying myself with stuff about politics, the EU, Estonia and Finland. Here, I will mostly put pictures of buildings I go to, especially those which are not easily accessible, and concerts I go to, trying to get different angles and clear shots of the band members. But pretty ones.

Still trying to learn photography, still learning new things every time I shoot.

If you use my photos, please respect the CC-BY-SA license :)

Recently added to Wikimedia Commons[edit]

  • Photos from Bologna (Italy), February 2020 (cityscape, statues, frescoes)
  • Photos of an amateur burlesque show in Grenoble, France, January 2020 (burlesque, undressing, accredited)
  • Photos from Gève/Autrans (Vercors, France), January 2020 (buildings, landscape)
  • Photos of Amon Amarth concert in Jäähalli, Helsinki (Finland), December 2019 (death metal, folk metal, accredited)
  • Photos of Sabaton (supported by Apocalyptica and Amaranthe) concert in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki (Finland), 23 November 2019 (heavy metal, electro metal, melodic metal, accredited)
  • Photos of Powerwolf (supported by Gloryhammer) concert in The Circus, Helsinki (Finland), 19 November 2019 (power metal concert, accredited)
  • Photos of Sonata Arctica's (supported by Arion and Temple Balls) concert in The Circus, Helsinki (Finland), 7 November 2019 (hard rock/power metal concert, accredited)
  • Photos of Suomenlinna's buildings from inside, 2 November 2019 (architecture)
  • Photos of Michael Monroe's concert in Tavastia, Helsinki (Finland), 19 October 2019 (glam/punk rock concert, accredited)
  • Photos of Melrose and Uriah Heep's concert in Kultuuritalo, Helsinki (Finland), 12 October 2019 (rock/hard rock, accredited)
  • Photos of Arion at the Heavy Metal Heart festival in On The Rocks, Helsinki (Finland), 11 October 2019 (power metal, accredited)
  • Photos of Marko Hietala's concert in Tavastia, Helsinki (Finland), 28 September 2019 (rock/metal concert, accredited)
  • Photos of boats and landscape from Helsinki (Finland), 27 September 2019 (icebreakers, SAR ship)
  • Photos of National Nightmare and The 69 Eyes at Nosturi, Helsinki (Finland), 31 August 2019 (dark rock concert, accredited)
  • Photos of Kesäranta, Helsinki (Finland), 31 August 2019 (Prime minister's house, exterior)
  • Photos of l'Alpe du Grand Serre and La Morte, Isère (France), 28 August 2019 (mountains)
  • Photos of Kalmah and Ensiferum at Tavastia Club, Helsinki (Finland), 10 August 2019 (metal concert, accredited)
  • Photos of Saarihelvetti Festival, Tampere (Finland), 2-3 August 2019 (accredited)
  • Photos of John Smith Festival, Peurunka (Finland), 20-21 July 2019 (accredited photographer)
  • Photos of Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, Helsinki, 28-30 June 2019 (accredited)
  • Photos of Helsinki's West Harbour, June 2019 (general views)
  • Photos of Niguliste Church, Tallinn (Estonia), May 2019 (items, inside view)
  • Photos of Tallinn Old Town Hall, Tallinn (Estonia), May 2019 (tapestry, building details)
  • Photos of literary festival HeadRead, Tallinn (Estonia), May 2019 (writers portraits)
  • Photos of Finlandia Hall, May 2019 (furniture)
  • Photos of Kõigi Eesti concert in Tallinn Singing grounds (Estonia), April 2019 (pop concert)
  • Photos of Suomenlinna, April 2019 (landscapes, museum artefacts)
  • Photos of Arppeanum in 2019 (building details)
  • Photos of Eläkeläiset, March 2019 (humppa concert)
  • Photos of Sonata Arctica, February 2019 (metal concert)
  • Photos of Skàlmöld,February 2019 (metal concert)
  • Photos of Bootyard Bandits, February 2019 (metal concert)
  • Photos of the Estonian National Museum, November 2018 (building, artefacts)
  • Photos of Kultuurikatel (Tallinn, Estonia) in 2017 (mixed)