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Warren Fish[edit]


Wikipedia is a cool medium for settling bets and proving your co-workers wrong.

A few words about me.... I spent some time in Kansas City, Missouri, Rota, Spain, Kami Seya, Japaon, Washington, DC, and now I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I'm an old network engineer and information technology (IT) guy. I don't have a great deal of expertise in any one specific thing, however, I've have access to a great deal of knowledge! I like to update Wiki pages as I go...or rather, as I travel along the Information Superhighway...

I take a lot of pictures with my Nikon D750...I like to post them in the commons. My favorite subjects are architecture, wildlife, and futbol players.

Ultimately - I'm want to spread the truth on the subjects that I'm familiar with. This medium, is self-correcting, so if I'm wrong feel free to patch up my work. I use Wikipedia so much that felt I should start contributing.


Travelling is fun, and I enjoy adventures with my family. My free time is spent with my family, spending money, watching futbol, taking pictures, hunting, and playing soccer, etc.....

My Contribution to Wikipedia[edit]


File:Dingle fauna.jpg|

Dingle, Ireland File:Saintkevinschurch.jpg|
Glendalough, Ireland File:RoundTowerGlendalough.jpg|
Glendalough, Ireland File:Stkevinschurch2.jpg|
Glendalough, Ireland File:Irish Cross at the Rock of Cashel.jpg|
Rock of Cashel File:Hofbrauhaus beer.jpg|
Munich, Germany File:Emiliano Dudar warming up..JPG|
Emiliano Dudar File:RobbieRussell.JPG|
Robbie Russell File:MaiconSantos.JPG|
Maricon Santos File:JoeWillis.JPG|
Joe Willis File:DanielWollard.JPG|
Daniel Wollard File:JeffParke defending Patrick Nyarko.jpg|
Patrick Nyarko File:FredyMontero Arne Friedrich.JPG|
Fredy Montero File:JebBrovsky.JPG |
Jeb Brovsky File:JimmyNielsen 07JUL2012.jpg|
Jimmy Nielsen File:MattBesler 07JUL2012.jpg|
Matt Besler File:BoniekGarcia 07JUL2012.jpg|
Oscar Boniek Garcia File:CoreyAshe vs KeiKamara 07JUL2012.jpg|
Corey Ashe File:RogerEspinoza 07JUL2012.JPG |
Roger Espinoza File:JermaineTaylor 07JUL2012.jpg|
Jermaine Taylor File:MacoumbaKandji vs ChanceMyers 07JUL2012.jpg|
Macoumba Kandji File:GrahamZusi 07JUL2012.jpg|
Graham Zusi File:AurelienCollin 07JUL2012.jpg|
Aurelien Collin File:PauloNagamura 07JUL2012.jpg|
Paulo Nagamura File:TylerDeric 07JUL2012.jpg|
Tyler Deric File:TallyHall 07JUL2012.jpg|
Tally Hall File:CamWeaver 07JUL2012.jpg|
Cam Weaver File:BoniekGarcia 07JUL2012 profile.jpg|
Oscar Boniek Garcia File:MichaelThomas 07JUL2012.jpg|
Michael Thomas File:MichaelHarrington 07JUL2012.JPG|
Michael Harrington File:Yellowstone River, flowing through Paradise Valley.jpg|
Yellowstone River File:Captain George "Cap" Wellington Streeter.JPG|
George Streeter File:Marco di Vaio MLS AllStar 2013.jpg|
Marco Di Vaio File:Camilo Sanvezzo MLS AllStar 2013.jpg|
Camilo Sanvezzo File:DeAndre Yedlin MLS AllStar 2013.jpg|
DeAndre Yedlin File:Henry vs Bradley MLS AllStar 2013.jpg|
Thierry Henry File:Aurelien Collin MLS AllStar 2013.jpg|
Aurelien Collin File:Raul Fernandez MLS AllStar 2013.jpg|
Raúl Fernández File:Chris Wondolowski MLS AllStar 2013.jpg|
Chris Wondolowski File:Thierry Henry MLS All Star 2013.jpg|
Thierry Henry File:Bradley vs Besler MLS AllStar 2013.jpg|
Michael Bradley File:Vasilis Torosidis MLS AllStar 2013.jpg|
Vasilis Torosidis File:Kyle Beckerman MLS AllStar 2013.jpg|
Kyle Beckerman File:André Schürrle Chelsea vs AS-Roma 10AUG2013.jpg|
André Schürrle File:Francesco Totti Chelsea vs AS-Roma 10AUG2013.jpg|
Francesco Totti File:David_Luiz_01_Chelsea_vs_AS-Roma_10AUG2013.jpg|
David Luiz File:César_Azpilicueta_Chelsea_vs_AS-Roma_10AUG2013.jpg|
César Azpilicueta File:John Obi Mikel Chelsea vs AS-Roma 10AUG2013.jpg|
John Obi Mikel File:John Obi Mikel 02 Chelsea vs AS-Roma 10AUG2013.jpg|
John Obi Mikel File:John_Terry_01_Chelsea_vs_AS-Roma_10AUG2013.jpg|
John Terry File:Kevin De Bruyne Chelsea vs AS-Roma 10AUG2013.jpg|
Kevin De Bruyne File:Petr Čech Chelsea vs AS-Roma 10AUG2013.jpg|
Petr Čech File:Federico Balzaretti Chelsea vs AS-Roma 10AUG2013.jpg|
Federico Balzaretti File:Fernando_Torres_01_Chelsea_vs_AS-Roma_10AUG2013.jpg|
Fernando Torres File:Juan_Mata_Chelsea_vs_AS-Roma_10AUG2013.jpg|
Juan Mata File:Fernando_Torres_03_Chelsea_vs_AS-Roma_10AUG2013.jpg|
Fernando Torres File:Ramires_Chelsea_vs_AS-Roma_10AUG2013.jpg|
Ramires File:Romelu_Lukaku_Chelsea_vs_AS-Roma_10AUG2013.jpg|
Romelu Lukaku File:Oscar Chelsea vs AS-Roma 10AUG2013.JPG|
Oscar File:Ashley Cole Chelsea vs AS-Roma 10AUG2013.JPG|
Ashley Cole File:Eden Hazard Chelsea vs AS-Roma 10AUG2013.JPG|
Eden Hazard File:Timkrumrie_fbu.jpg|
Tim Krumrie File:Alfredo Mejía.jpg|
Alfredo Mejía File:Óscar Boniek García Ramírez.jpg|
Oscar Boniek Garcia File:Andy Najar.jpg|
Andy Najar File:Alfredo Antonio Mejía Escobar 2.jpg|
Alfredo Mejía File:Johnny_Placide.jpg|
Johnny Placide File:Anthony Rubén Lozano Colón.jpg|
Anthony Lozano File:Wilmer Crisanto.jpg|
Wilmer Crisanto File:Mario Roberto Martínez Hernández.jpg|
Mario Martínez File:Wilde Donald Guerrier.jpg|
Wilde Donald Guerrier File:Duckens Nazon.jpg|
Duckens Nazon File:Kevin Lafrance playing for Haiti's Men's National Team against Honduras in the Gold Cup, Sporting Park, Kansas City, Kansas, 13JUL2015.jpg|
Kevin Lafrance File:Duckens Nazon vs Maynor Figueroa.jpg|
Duckens Nazon File:Donis Escober.jpg|
Donis Escober File:Chris Wondolowski2.jpg|
Chris Wondolowski