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WhisperToMe is an American citizen and legal resident of Houston, Texas who worked in Shenzhen in southern China, near Hong Kong, from 2016-2020. He has an affinity for computers and world cultures, and has traveled throughout Asia during his time working there. He speaks English, some Mandarin Chinese, very little Spanish, and very little French.

WhisperToMe,一个美国人,休士顿居民,从2016年到2020年工作过在广东深圳。他喜欢电脑和全球文化,去过很多的中国省和很多的亚洲国家。 他会说英语,一点儿普通话,很少的西班牙语,和很少的法语。

He is currently a coordinator for the Wikimedia Hong Kong user group; feel free to send an e-mail to him if you need to contact him.


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I am the most active there, so it is the best way to get my attention, but do not hesitate to contact me wherever you see fit. If you need to notify me in both places, please do.

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