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WhisperToMe's recommended language guide[edit]

This is a simple, general guide. Regions may have additional regional languages that may be useful too. Specific cities may have minority languages commonly spoken there (i.e. in Minneapolis, Minnesota the most common languages other than English are Spanish, Hmong, and Somali)
Depending on the country associated with your image, it may help to ensure descriptions are in the following languages: Country - Important language(s)
Worldwide - English

  • English should be present in the description of each and every image and object on the Wikimedia Commons
  • If it is an image intended for a non-English speaking audience, attach an English description anyway
    • Use "X (Y (language version))" and repeat for all versions, replacing Y with the relevant version
    • Make sure that media has a version for English speakers

Arab League - Modern Standard Arabic
Australia - None
Brazil - Portuguese
China - Mandarin Chinese
France - French
Germany - German
Italy - Italian
Japan - Japanese
South Korea - Korean
Mexico - Spanish
New Zealand - None
Russia - Russia
Spain - Spanish
Switzerland - French and German
United Kingdom - None
United States - Spanish
Even though English is the de facto national language, Spanish is the second most common in the USA, so Spanish is the non-English language associated with the USA
--- No country applicable - French and Spanish
- or all UN official languages (French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese)

You are welcome to do more than what is suggested, and if you are good at another language, add that too. Please err on the side of more rather than less. If you do not know the suggested language, please add the image to the appropriate translation request column and/or notify an editor who can do the translation.