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|archive             =
|algo                =
|counter             =
|maxarchivesize      =
|minthreadsleft      =
|minthreadstoarchive =
|archiveheader       =
|key                 =

Meanings of parameters are:

archive              Name of the page to which archived threads will be put.
                     Must be a subpage of the current page. Variables are
algo                 specifies the maximum age of a thread. Must be in the form
                     old(<delay>) where <delay> specifies the age in hours or
                     days like 24h or 5d.
                     Default ist old(24h)
counter              The current value of a counter which could be assigned as
                     variable. Will be actualized by bot. Initial value is 1.
maxarchivesize       The maximum archive size before incrementing the counter.
                     Value can be given with appending letter like K or M which
                     indicates KByte or MByte. Default value is 1000M.
minthreadsleft       Minimum number of threads that should be left on a page.
                     Default value is 5.
minthreadstoarchive  The minimum number of threads to archive at once. Default
                     value is 2.
archiveheader        Content that will be put on new archive pages as the
                     header. This parameter supports the use of variables.
                     Default value is {{talkarchive}}
key                  A secret key that (if valid) allows archives to not be
                     subpages of the page being archived.


|archive             = {{FULLPAGENAME}}/Archive %(counter)d
|algo                = old(100h)
|counter             = 1
|maxarchivesize      = 70K
|minthreadsleft      = 0
|minthreadstoarchive = 1
|archiveheader       = {{TalkArchive}}
|key                 =