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Following is a mail from 2MASS that confirmes that all 2MASS-Images are PD:

Dear Ting Chen,

Images from the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) posted on the project web site, and accessible as part of the survey data releases are released into the public domain. Therefore, you may use them for your wikipedia article. We ask that when you use any image or source information from 2MASS that you accompany the usage by the standard 2MASS acknowledgement that is given at:

Just to let you know, because 2MASS was an all-sky survey, images of **all** NGC objects are available. You can access them >from the Large Galaxy Atlas at the Infrared Science Archive, as the example you gave, or from the 2MASS interactive image server (also at IRSA):

Also, a number of nice images of NGC and other objects are available from the Image Galleries at the main 2MASS web site:

Sincerely, Roc Cutri 2MASS Project Scientist

2MASS User Support & Help Desk IPAC, Caltech MS 100-22 626-395-1881 (phone) Pasadena, CA 91125 626-397-7021 (fax)

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006, Ting Chen wrote:

> Dear Sirs,

> I am editing articles about NGC-objects for wikipedia ( Wikipedia accepts Gnu Free Documentation Licence ( and Creative Commons Licences ( I want to ask if I can use images of the NGC-objects from 2MASS. For example like this one:

> Thanks any way for your help.

> Scincerely

> Ting Chen > --