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Hello and welcome to my Wikimedia Commons Page, My name is Wendy Ferguson and I am currently a second-year Masters of Arts Candidate in Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture and Technology program. I am a consumer behavior and marketing professional with experience in many segments of the consumer-marketing sector including food, fashion and personal hygiene / wellness products. The focus of my academic research and professional assignments is on developing a comprehensive approach to all aspects of social communications and technology to develop greater competence in and familiarity with the latest and most effective media technologies and socio-cultural models. My goal is to return to the field of marketing upon conclusion of my degree with a new organizational and strategic focus whereby I help consumer brand companies in creating strategic models that support both economic goals and social and cultural viability objectives whether they be a greater focus on healthier products for human consumption or ones that impact the environment in a more ecological way. I can be reached through Hoya Mail at