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wpopp near Babilon

Hello, I'm new to Wikipedia, and totally fascinated by this concept. Being a translator (check out my website), I love languages and try to be present in the English, French and German versions of Wikipedia. Being German, my contributions to English and French pages will be rather limited, maybe adding interlanguage links to topics that I find interesting. Although I prefer contributing articles over translating them, I might have a stab at the translation of English or French stuff if I like it. Apart from languages and related subjects, I'm interested in pop music, food, photography, and politics, and everything that might make us more knowledgeable.

As far as Wikimedia Commons is concerned, I'm watching with interest everything connected to multilingual issues, and once I feel comfortable with the discussed topics, I might try to make proposals as to multilingual databases.

For a view of the photos I uploaded, see My Image Gallery. For tests of features like <gallery>, see My Playground

--Wpopp 09:13, 15 Oct 2004 (UTC)

en-B-4 This user speaks Bullshit at a near-native level.