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Operator: XRay
Approved? Approved
Edit rate: up to 8 edits/min
Edit period/s: When XRay is online
Automatic or manual? Manual login, automated editing under supervision
Programming language Perl (with MediaWiki::API)

Main Function[edit]

The bot checks all images by XRay and adds all necessary links, categories and description information like technical information or keywords for this images. The completeness and correctness of information is checked too. It is all the boring work of a user which can be done by a bot. It is a way for nearly consistent description pages of own images.

Additionally data like labels or depicts (structured data) were added to my own images only. The are created based on an algorithm taken categorization, keywords and external configuration data into account.

Missing categories are created too.

Sometimes the categories like YYYY in Anywhere were added to wrong images. Please give me an advice, I'll remove the wrong categories. Thank you.

And very rarely the bot is used in a special way for a single task.