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Flag of Finland.svg This user lives in Finland.
Tämä käyttäjä asuu Suomessa.

Simo Räsänen (also known here as Ximonic) is one of many users or builders in Wikimedia projects. The user has a Finnish nationality and is a Finnish native speaker. The recommended contact language is English in case one does not speak Finnish.

Considerably, I have the most easy access to the Lapland area of Finland, Sweden and Norway. To me it is very possible to get to the southern parts of these countries too. If you have any place in mind (especially in the mentioned area) that you would like me to take photographs of don't hesitate to suggest it to me. I will look forward and consider to go there. Besides, the visit can get really interesting to me too.

Uploaded content[edit]

Photography equipment[edit]

Picture of the day
Ayuntamiento, La Coruña, España, 2015-09-25, DD 141-143 HDR.jpg
Front view of the city Hall of A Coruña, also called Municipal Palace, during the blue hour, Galicia, Spain. The modernist building, in the María Pita Square in the center of the city, was built between 1908 and 1912 to a design of Pedro Ramiro Mariño. It was inaugurated in 1927 by king Alfonso XIII. The facade is 64 metres (210 ft) wide and has 43 windows. Four statues on the third floor represent the provinces of Galicia: A Coruña; Lugo; Orense; Pontevedra. Above them is the coat of arms of the city, flanked by two women symbolizing Peace, Industry, Work and Wisdom. The clock in the central tower has four large bells made of bronze and tin.  

Today the photographs of mine are mostly taken with:

  • Hoya UV(0) filter
  • Marumi DHG Circular PL(D) filter
  • Hoya HMC NDx8 filter
  • Hoya Pro1 Digital MC protector
  • Hoya CIR-PL filter
  • Manfrotto Art 055 tripod
  • Slik Monopod 350
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 bridge digital camera (some of the older photographs are taken with this one)

Softwares used (mostly)[edit]

  • Adobe Bridge / Camera Raw

Using the photographs[edit]

If you are planning to use some of the pictures by this user outside Wikimedia, please, see the licensing of each file. Crediting the original owner along with the pictures used is in accordance with good manners! In each picture, the name one should credit is announced at the Author row.

Also note that this user might have only been an editor or a maker of derivative work of a certain picture. In such case, be sure to credit the original owner primarily. Without the original taker of the photograph the derivative work wouldn't exist either!


Thank you all very much for support! --Ximonic (talk)

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