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Flag of Finland.svg This user lives in Finland.
Tämä käyttäjä asuu Suomessa.

Ximonic is one of many users or builders in Wikimedia projects. The user has a Finnish nationality and is a Finnish native speaker. The recommended contact language is English in case one does not speak Finnish.

Considerably, I have the most easy access to the Lapland area of Finland, Sweden and Norway. To me it is very possible to get to the southern parts of these countries too. If you have any place in mind (especially in the mentioned area) that you would like me to take photographs of don't hesitate to suggest it to me. I will look forward and consider to go there. Besides, the visit can get really interesting to me too.

Uploaded content[edit]

All uploaded images by the user can be found here. This content does not include derivative works of images which are originally from other users.

View from Litlefjellet at Romsdalen, 2013 June.jpg
Romsdalen, Norway
Nusfjord road, 2010 09.jpg
Road to Nusfjord in Lofoten, Norway
Lenangstindane and Jægervasstindane in Lyngen, 2012 March.jpg
Lyngen Alps, Norway
Djupfjorden, 2010 09.jpg
Djupfjorden in Lofoten, Norway
Geirangerfjord from Ørnesvingen, 2013 June.jpg
Geirangerfjord, Norway
Aurora borealis above Storfjorden and the Lyngen Alps in moonlight, 2012 March.jpg
Winter night in Storfjord, Norway
At Lyngen fjord, Spåkenes in 2012 June.jpg
Spåkenes at Lyngen fjord, Norway
Alpine Ibex in Gornergrat.JPG
Alpine ibex in Gornergrat, Switzerland
La Flégère station, 2010 07.JPG
La Flégère, France
Trail to Morteratsch Glacier in 2012 July.jpg
Morteratsch Glacier, Switzerland
Summit of Schilthorn reveals itself above the clouds in 2012 August - 2.jpg
Schilthorn, Switzerland
Wide view to Gornergletscher, Monte Rosa and Matterhorn, 2012 August.jpg
Gornergletscher, Switzerland
Landscape of Bernese Oberland from Männlichen, 2012 August.JPG
Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Photography equipment[edit]

Picture of the day
Bóveda de la sala de entrada, Galería Nacional, Londres, Inglaterra, 2014-08-11, DD 170-172 HDR.JPG
Dome of the entrance hall (also known as the Staircase Hall), National Gallery, London (England). The National Gallery was founded in 1824 and has a collection of over 2,300 paintings from the mid-13th century to 1900. The present building in London's Trafalgar Square is the third to house the National Gallery, and was designed by William Wilkins from 1832–38. The Staircase Hall was designed by Sir John Taylor in 1884–7.  

Today the photographs of mine are mostly taken with:

  • Hoya UV(0) filter
  • Marumi DHG Circular PL(D) filter
  • Hoya HMC NDx8 filter
  • Hoya Pro1 Digital MC protector
  • Hoya CIR-PL filter
  • Manfrotto Art 055 tripod
  • Slik Monopod 350
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 bridge digital camera (some of the older photographs are taken with this one)

Softwares used (mostly)[edit]

  • Adobe Bridge / Camera Raw

Using the photographs[edit]

If you are planning to use some of the pictures by this user outside Wikimedia, please, see the licensing of each file. Crediting the original owner along with the pictures used is in accordance with good manners! In each picture, the name one should credit is announced at the Author row.

Also note that this user might have only been an editor or a maker of derivative work of a certain picture. In such case, be sure to credit the original owner primarily. Without the original taker of the photograph the derivative work wouldn't exist either!


Thank you all very much for support! --Ximonic (talk)

This barnstar is presented to User:Ximonic for 10 Featured Pictures on Wikimedia Commons and his admission to the restricted club Meet our photographers. --Jovian Eye storm 12:54, 2 March 2012 (UTC)
Photographer Barnstar.png
for your great pictures! Thank you Sjokolade (talk) 08:05, 8 February 2014 (UTC)
Photographer Barnstar.png
For your outstanding photographic contributions showing northern Scandinavia. DXR (talk) 14:22, 23 January 2015 (UTC)
Vaikkei ihan kultainen kuoriainen olekaan, messinkinen kuitenkin. Kiitos hyvistä hyöntesiartikkleista .Jatka samaan malliin MiPe (wikinät) 20. marraskuuta 2008 kello 20.52 (EET) (Finnish Wikipedia)

Useful stuff (mainly for my own use)[edit]

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