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Page of Yaddah, SVG-creator.

Example of a good map: w:en:2006 FIFA World Cup


Books for flags I (or someone else here) will need one day:

"Replaces 2 volumes. It now contains British & Commonwealth Royal Standards, British military & non-military flags of the other nations. Information concerning the wearing of flags in the Royal Navy is contained in BR 2 Queens Regs.for the Royal Navy. Change 5 is a major update and is the first to be produced by the Defence Clothing & Textiles Agency & the Flag Institute"
"This CD combines all British and Commonwealth Royal Standards; all British Military and non-military distinguishing flags; and the national flags, ensigns and merchant flags of other nations; with the Defence Standard on Flags and Pennants, together with all the relevant Nato Stock Numbers"

Before you ask, these aren't in *any* of the university libraries in my hometown!