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My photograph, taken on July, 2012
My photograph with the Tamil Actor John Vijay on May 2016
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My name is Jenith Michael Raj, living in Chennai, India. I work as a Software engineer (Java and SQL).

I believe in A picture is worth a thousand words. On commons, I work on images enhancements including watermark removal, batch uploads of images and wrote a automated tool called for Picasa image batch uploads to commons.[1]

I joined Wikimedia Commons on 28 November 2011 for uploading pictures. I found that Photography Workshop projects of Wikipedia's Graphic Lab and Wikimedia Commons Graphic Lab are the good place to relish with my interests and have started contributing to this.

I enjoy completing open tickets in the workshop, finished tickets(207) and became a runner-up Graphist in the 2012 Photography workshop requests.

Earlier I struggled a lot about media copyrights policy, I'm bit comfortable to handle this now, way to go more.

Read more about me at my wikipedia user page.


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