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Degania Alef was the first kibbutz established by Jews in the areas of the Land of Israel then under Ottoman rule. It was founded in 1910 by ten men and two women led by Joseph Baratz. The land had previously been owned by a Persian family resident in Beirut.

Despite its small size, Degania Alef has been home to many famous Israelis and members of the pre-state Yishuv. The poet Rachel Bluwstein, the "prophet of labor" A.D. Gordon, and Joseph Trumpeldor all worked at Degania Alef, whilst many early members of Degania Alef left to found other kibbutzim. Gideon Baratz was the first child ever to be born in a kibbutz and Moshe Dayan was the second, both in Degania Alef.

Degania Alef should not be confused with Degania Bet, which is a separate kibutz. Both lie along the southern shores of the Sea of Galilee. Technically Degania Alef is a kvutza and not a kibbutz. The distinction comes from its small size. Degania Alef is also distinctive in that children there never slept communally. Children always slept in their parents' quarters.

In 2007, Degania Alef announced that it is to undergo privatisation. Instead of assigned jobs and equal pay under the rule of the elders, the reorganization will allow people to seek their jobs, earn their salaries, and own their homes.