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Partially back. Mainly pushing on Mapmaking : en:Wikipedia:WikiProject_Maps/Conventions, Tutorial GIS.


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My past[edit]

CJK stroke order project-Ancient Chinese characters-214 radicals-214 animated SVG
Graphics abilities-[ Graphic Village Pump-Graphic Lab-Maps-Images ]
Atelier Graphique-[ Graphic Lab-Maps-Images ?]
Animals naming convention-Commons:WikiVoc.
Bachelor degree in History - Master 1 in Chinese Studies - Master 2 of Technology, Management, and Innovation.
Sub-pages: SO SVG - /Stroke order2 - SO according to national rules - Divergeances d'ordre - Commons:CJK_stroke_order:Sources

My tools[edit]

I have to work on
Commons:Macro (+{{Macro bg}}, Image:Macro A4.svg, Image:Macro scales.svg, colors clean up), Commons:Rename, Image:Tutorial-cartography (basic).svg, Image:Chinese calligraphy scheme 04-en.svg, Image:Insect anatomy-en.svg (using my source + media:Insect_leg_scheme.svg, media:Insect_anatomy_diagram.svg, media:Cap ventral.svg), maps of China, maps of Taiwan, WikiVoc, User:Yug/MiniLab.

My Templates[edit]

Saubion: {{location|43|40|21|N|1|20|50|W}}
Marmande: {{location|44|30|05|N|0|09|58|E}}
Grenoble :
Taipei: {{location|25|2|00|N|121|38|00|E}}

My images[edit]

/!\ Under construction /!\[edit]

Unknow species[edit]

en:user:Bugboy52.40 suggested that:

  • File:Yug?1.jpg is a Robber fly, most likely, though hard to identify, is Proctacanthus brevipennis(here).
    female of a Tolmerus species. Unfortunately, not all species can be determined by photographs. Most species of this genus are difficult and you need also information on the male genitalia. --de:user:Dysmachus
  • File:Yug?1.svg is a field cricket, Gryllus campestris, I bred this species myself. Y.svges check.svg|18px, confirm.
  • File:Yug?2.jpg & File:Yug?3.jpg are either house flies or face flies.
  • File:Yug4.jpg might be Campiglossa genalis, but I can't tell for sure.
  • file:Yug5.jpg is a Wolf Spider (Hogna carolinensis). Red x.svg|18px, this one make 20cm and come from taiwan

My personnal evolution on commons ![edit]

This is in ante-chronologic order :

My researchs on CJK characters[edit]

Set of stroke[edit]

CJK strokes set (37+4). Researchs, choices, and drawing by myself according to various Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean sources. This study was made without looking on other similar projects, this study was made directly by a personnal analisis of traditional sources (Kangxi dictionary, Taiwan), Chinese, Japanese and Korean sources. (see below)

Differences with set of 36 CJK strokes: _ The G is deletable, not use by _ The W is not use by _ The BXG, WG2, and XG are merge by _ The HXG and HZWG are merge by This explain why have 36 CJK strokes, a why my study lead to 41 CJK strokes.

Main sources:

  1. - Kangxi dictionary, need to study traditional stroke shapes and traditional number of stroke or a given character
  2. - Authoritative source for shape and stroke order in Taiwan, need to study Modern-days traditionnal recommandations for number of stroke and stroke shape.
  3. The en:Xinhua Zidian (新华字典) - for Chinese (continental) simplified Strokes and simplified Strokes' shapes.
  4. Some Japanese and Korean dictionaries.

But some other professional projects are to notice to compare my work with what is currently done in the field.

These other projects are :

  1. - New set of 36 strokes, by Unicode.
  2. - CDL-Wenlin's set of 38 CJK strokes. Note: CDL-Wenlin team is also working for

Stroke order[edit]

See my synthesis : User:Yug/Stroke_order (not finish)

Restore traditional shape[edit]

not accurate shape for Kangxi radicals
stroke order may appear clearer with tiny change.

This 2 yellow and pink colors have at least a tiny misleading point, which disallow easy stroke-order reading/guessing.
other shape or stroke order difficulties (difficult to remember/explain) without solution to improve the readability.

CJK characters' shape -even in Kaishu- is highly variable, according to the writer, the stroke order use, or to the century.

Now, in this 21th century, we have some Ministry of the Education who made an hard work to set up recommendations on both shape (one official shape by character), and for stroke order.

The trouble is that this two data are sometimes conflicting on modern printed characters, when old shape -visible on the Kangxi zidian or on old stelles- is working together with the stroke order to teach a smooth obvious way to write a caracter. This is by example the cases for 广,鹿,艮,etc. : looking at the traditional shape (on the Kangxi Zidian), the way of writing (stroke order) is obvious. Looking on 2008's printed book or computer fonts, the way of writing is unclear : 2 possibilities are open to us, the false one being encouraged by the 2008's shape. This is, in my opinion, a residual mistake inherited because of mecanic printing : shape have continue to oscilate and change, without control of human hand and calligraphic brush.

I would encourage to correct this aspects. This would ask to make minor shape-change on some radicals, on This will then ask all characters using these radicals to be update. An huge and slow work, alone able to take 2008's characters shapes back to their former "human-friendly" shape.

As many other, this is the place where I want to live.

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