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Crystal Clear app korganizer.png 200 basic English words/concepts project !
How to process

The graphist should first show us 5 images (apple ; cat ; swimming ; behind of ; library), with the english word on the bottom. If the result is great, he get the task. Images should be :

  • Format : SVG is strongly encouraged, of course (but PNG may be vertorized by volunteers later);
  • Basic : drawing should be basic (avoid to have too many details = parasites). Such images are really fine, doesn't need more.
  • Style : your set of image have to be in the same graphic style (Manga style encouraged) ;
  • Words : be based on the Basic English wordlist (Basic_English_alphabetical_wordlist 200_Picturable_words ^).
  • Background : transparent background need (or white one) ;
  • English : the english work should be display on the bottom with a easy-to-read font ;
  • Size : each image should be in a square (ex: size 300px/300px) ;
  • Name : Images should have a conventional name, ex with keyword "free" : Free-banana.svg ; Free-tree.svg, etc.
  • Advancement : you should keep a wikipage with the list of the words you plan to do, and enlighting those that you already made.

We need such images, especially for Wikiversity and ease free language teaching/learning.

A such graphic project need to create about 200 - 400 images, by one/some skilled graphist(a), expressing simply (quickly draw in comic/manga style) the most used words (objects, actions, animals, ...). The Greenspun P. may maybe provide support. Yug 07:14, 18 January 2008 (UTC)

See such projects:

Icon apps query.svg Public domain images that you can use freely
Who can do it ?
manga (Wikipe-tan), png, en=ok
Wiki-sisters.png Adult Commons-tan.png
best graphist here, SVG, en=ok
Lazy sleeping barnstar.svg Smiley green alien droling.svg Complete neuron cell diagram en.svg
Good too, SVG, en=ok
Mahuri.svg Manga colored.svg
Some SVG, en=ok
Stalker chan.svg

I support more Kasuga because his characters are clearly link to Wikimedia and free knowledge share, the manga style (schematic draw) being especialy welcome for this use, but do he work in SVG ? For LadyofHats, I never seen him draw manga characters, but he have amazing skills, and already fully work in SVG format. For Niabot, I don't no if he can talk english, and he just made one amazing SVG-manga.

Nuvola apps kopete.png Page aim

This page aim to propose some keys directions to boost and improve illustrations and maps on Wikimedia projects.

Nuvola apps cache.png Support Maps conventions

Maps conventions are the key stone of map harmonization and professionalization. Newest Maps Conventions are currently available on :

Crystal Clear action run.svg Code, Patch, Apps which may help!

<to continue>

  • Stat maps: See the amazing online application , code by: arthur [at~rob~aze] )"
  • Locator maps: See fr:User:Blr
  • Better coded SVG maps.
Openstreetmap logo.svg OpenStreetMap association is a very interesting open license world-wide map project: SVG maps are draw online, and have updatable CSS specifying objects' style. (please go to their website to see). Several ways may be walk with them :

  • we currently import SVG roads from their site, to handly recolor them to wikipedia conventions ;
  • Easy: we may ask them to provide a Wikip├ędia skin according to Wikipedia Exchange maps conventions. Easing importation (see request). In this, []'s Style Editor by MShytikov [will] help us a lot !;
  • Long term: We may FULLY INCLUDE OpenStreetMap in Wikipedia ; request an new "Encyclopedic layer" to let wikigraphists work on it ; etc.

The main aim of this is to get maps with an all-together updatability. To contact them, I use the account/mail/pass Wikigraphist / / myfavoritesite. See also : Collaboration_with_Wikipedia ; 2008 video of edits ; Topographic version (SVG) ; Topographic version shadows (Bitmap)

(P.S. Would you like to provide a bit of encouragement to this team and this free project?)

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