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Robotech and Helicopter or Gyrodyne related article contributer.


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My Profile[edit]

I assume the following items expertise mainly.

I am misunderstood with a male user in the past about the article properties.

I exceeded 40 years old (now age 46 in October 22, A.D. 2015 ), but I make use of internationality of the Internet, and English version, the writing of the French version article reach about the contents mentioned above, too.

My situation[edit]

The " Camp Kinser " Okinawa as before and took up a job in Saitama Prefecture is part of the Greater Tokyo Area,leaving my family behind for my Greater new purpose and new international job project.

I hope to melt the Ice at the Cold war sitiation between Harmony Gold USA VS Big West Advertising.

And I settle a dispute Studio Nue to Studio Yune peacefully !

Yuiyuasa (talk) 17:33, 7 December 2010 (UTC)


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