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Mostly active here at Wikimedia Commons working on the category structure and on media categorization.

Root categories:
Categories, Category:1900s

Category structure:

  • {{cat see also|Traffic engineering|LABEL=For the theoretical background}}
  • {{Cat see also|1=Fireplaces|for={{LangSwitch |en =.|de =offene Kamine |fr =pour les cheminées intérieures |default=}}|banner=no}}
See also category: Fireplaces – ..


  • ?action=purge delete page from server cache
  • {{reply to|user}}
  • <!-- comment -->

Templates: templates

Infobox Templates

{{Information field|name=Flickr tags|value={{flatlist|


|photographer =
|title =
|description =
|depicted people =
|depicted place =
|date =
|medium =
|dimensions =
|institution =
|department =
|references =
|object history =
|exhibition history =
|credit line =
|inscriptions =
|notes =
|accession number =
|source =
|permission =
|other_versions =
|wikidata =
|biased =
|Original description=
|original description info=
|camera coord =
Example for LOC-image: File:Farmers_and_townspeople_in_center_of_town_on_Court_Day_1a34376v.jpg

License Tags
{{PD-old-70-1923}} {{PD-old}} {{PD-Art|PD-Old}} {{PD-Art|PD-Old-100-1923}} {{PD-USGov-FSA}} {{PD-USGov-Military-Army}} {{PD-user-de|usern|user}} {{PD-release}}

  • {{Multilingual description}} rec. for categories, galleries; useage: {{Multilingual description |de=Beschreibung |en=descr }} gives: Deutsch: Beschreibung
  • {{en}} rec. for file description pages; usage: {{en |1= |inline=1}} - if 1= is not used any "=" characters in the text will break the template
  • {{LangSwitch}} to implement localized text without any shown language label
  • Commons:Multilingual tags and Category:Localisation templates
  • {{depicted person}} {{depicted person |1= |2= |3= |4= |5= |comment= |style= }}
  • {{Self-portrait}}
  • {{unknown |1=author}}, location, place, source, date (pointing to {{other date|unknown}})
  • {{Original caption |1= |2= |inaccurate= |lang= }} Original-Bildunterschrift: yy...


  • Category:Multilingual tags: Author attributed to, formerly attributed to, after, possibly, probably, follower of, manner of, near, circle of, workshop of, school of, studio of, "or follower", "or workshop", "and workshop"
  • {{Creator:abc|option}} Template:Creator/documentation, Commons:Creator (guideline)
  • {{Author}}{{Author}} →Urheber, {{Author|unknown}} →Unbekannt |anonymous →Anonym |collective →Kollektiv, |various →Verschiedene |original|X →Original: X |photo |restoration |derivative |upload |vectorization |scan
  • *{{Author|original|{{Creator:abc}}}}*{{Author|restoration|User}}
  • {{Author/lc}} Kleinschreibung
  • {{Anonymous}}
  • Category:Multilingual tags: Artist


  • {{Other date}}, between, ca, by, or, and, from-until, before, after, decade, century, turn of ..., early, mid, ... spring, summer, ... quarter, ...
  • {{other date|unknown}}, {{other date|year unknown}}, {{other date|year unknown|era=BC}}
  • {{Complex date}} usage: {{Complex date |conj= |date1= |adj1= |precision1= |era1= |date2= |adj2= |precision2= |era2= }}
  • {{Date}}
  • {{Taken in |1= }} {{Taken on |1= |cat= }} {{Upload date |1= }} {{Original upload date |1= }}
  • {{According to Exif data}}, usage {{According to Exif data |1= |origdate= |cat= }} {{Invalid Exif date}}


medium (technique)

dimensions (size)

  • {{Size}} usage: {{Size|unit=cm|width=76.7|height=83.5}} or {{Size|in|30.2|32.87}}



Marker templates

  • {{Retouched picture |1= |editor= |orig= |editoff= |origoff=}}
  • {{Image extracted |1= |2=...}}
  • {{Extracted from|file.jpg}}
  • {{Superseded |1= }}
  • {{Derived from}}, {{Derivative versions}}
  • {{Personality rights}}
  • {{ID-USMil}}, {{ID-USMil|id|who|url=http:...}}
  • {{Broken file|filetype=JPG|unfinished upload → truncated image}}


Maintenance: backlog

Info / Links

Category:Machine elements, Category:Fasteners, Category:Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, Category:Drilling and threading, Category:Technical illustrations, Category:Illustrations of tools Barre hexagonale.jpg ; Percages.JPG ; Percages et vis.JPG ; Percages et vis montee.JPG ; Drilling - Counterbore, Countersink.png