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Archaeological Museum of Naxos (in Chora of Naxos, Naxos town)

Nálezy z Naxu a Malých Kyklad.

Finds from Naxos and Small Cyclades.


Cycladic collections in the Archaeological Museum of Naxos[edit]

Late Neolithic period in the AM of Naxos[edit]

From the Cave of Zas[edit]


Early Bronze Age[edit]

General view[edit]

Early Cycladic Figurines[edit]

Early Cycladic Figurines, EC I[edit]

Precanonical type

Early Cycladic Figurines, EC II[edit]

Canonical type

Various Early Cycladic Figurines[edit]

Early Cycladic jewelry[edit]

Early Cycladic stone vessels[edit]

Cycladic Frying Pans[edit]

Early Cycladic pottery[edit]

Early Cycladic tools[edit]

Middle Cycladic pottery[edit]

Late Mycenaean objects in the AM of Naxos[edit]

Young prince near altar[edit]

Child burial E at Kamini[edit]

Late Mycenaean pottery[edit]

Geometric pottery in the AM of Naxos[edit]

Room with kouroi in the AM of Naxos[edit]

Gallery VII[edit]

7th–6th century BC

Archaic pottery[edit]

Archaic statues[edit]

Gallery VIII[edit]

Pottery and small finds of the Classical and Hellenistic period

Gallery IX[edit]

Hellenistic reliefs, Roman portrait and glassware

Other sculptures and Lapidary in corridors[edit]

Lapidary on the terrace[edit]

Mosaic from Aplomata on the terrace[edit]

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