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Mycenaean art[edit]

1400-1050 BC

Greek Geometric period[edit]

Geometric Small bronzes[edit]

Greek Archaic period[edit]

Archaic Small bronzes[edit]

Kouros of Delphi[edit]

Probably from Crete, 625-600 BC

Archaic Sculpture[edit]

Votive torsos in the safe[edit]

Chryseelefantine statue of Apollo[edit]

Ivory, gilt silver plate (hair) and gold. Probably torso of cult statue. Probably Ionian work, around 550 BC.

Kleobis and Biton[edit]

580 BC, see Herodotus I, 31

Sphinx of the Naxians[edit]

570-560 BC (or 570-530 BC)

Torsos from Apollo Temple[edit]

Other Archaic Statues[edit]

Reliefs from the Treasury of the Siphnians[edit]

Sculptures from the Treasury of the Athenians[edit]

500 BC

Delphic hymns to Apollo[edit]

128 BC

Larger terracottas[edit]

Archaic(?) period archtectural elements

Greek Classical period[edit]

Classical Small bronzes[edit]

Classical Statues[edit]

Charioteer of Delphi[edit]

Polyzalos of Gela. Bronze statue in severe style, 475 BC.

Daochos Monument[edit]


Small terracottas[edit]

Hellenistic period[edit]

Akanthos column and Omphalos[edit]

ca 300 BC

Othe Hellenistic art[edit]

Roman Age[edit]

Plutarch stele[edit]

Roman Age statues[edit]


Roman Age reliefs[edit]