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Bronze Age[edit]

Greek Geometric style[edit]

General views of small votive pieces[edit]

Terracotta figurines in Geometric style[edit]

1000-680 BC (maybe inclusive submycenaean)

Bronze figurines in Geometric style[edit]

Other small bronzes in Geometric style[edit]

Greek Archaic period[edit]

Archaic Statues[edit]

Zeus and Ganymedes[edit]

Late archaic larger terracotta, 480-470 BC

Archaic small bronzes[edit]

Imported Asyrian and Neo-hittite bronzes[edit]

Greek archaic small bronzes[edit]

Greek archaic pottery[edit]

Treasury of Megara[edit]

520 BC

Greek Classical period[edit]

Greek Classical sculptures[edit]

Fragments of the Temple of Zeus[edit]

East Pediment‎[edit]

West Pediment‎[edit]


Nike of Paionios[edit]

421 BC (Roman copy of the head is in the Ancient Agora Museum in Athens)

Hermes bearing the child Dionysos[edit]

Praxiteles, 330 BC

Other Greek Classical sculptures[edit]

From the workshop of Feidias in Olympia[edit]

From the workshop of Feidias in Olympia, ca 430 BC


Hellenistic period[edit]

Roman Age[edit]

Roman Age Sculptures[edit]

Sculptures from the Nymphaeum[edit]

Sculptures from the Nymphaeum of Herodes Atticus, mostly 149-153 AD

Roman Age Glassware[edit]

Unidentified pieces[edit]

(So far, photos without descriptions, I myself am not sure.)