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Cycladic collection in the Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens

Kykladská sbírka v Muzeu kykladského umění v Athénách, Goulandrisova nadace.

Non Cycladic Neolithic[edit]

Non Cycladic Early Bronze Age[edit]

Troy type figurine

Early Cycladic Bronze Age[edit]

EC I (3200 - 2800 BC)[edit]

EC I figurines[edit]

EC I stone vessels[edit]

EC I-II[edit]

EC I-II figurines[edit]

EC I-II stone vessels[edit]

EC II (2800 - 2300 BC)[edit]

Cycladic figurines[edit]

Large figurines of canonical type[edit]

2800-2800 BC

Female figurine 724[edit]

140 cm, Spedos variety, probably from Keros

Female figurine 280[edit]

Spedos variety

Female figurine 281[edit]

72 cm, Spedos variety, so called by Goulandris Master

Female figurine 282[edit]

72 cm, Spedos variety, probably from Koufonisia

Female figurine 598[edit]

72 cm, Spedos variety, so called by Naxos Museum Master

Female figurine 257[edit]

71 cm, Probably of Koufonisia, Spedos variety, so called by Copenhagen Master

Female figurine 252[edit]

mature work of the Spedos variety, its facial features are preserved in relief, these detail (eyes...) were probably painted initially

Female figurine 311[edit]

Spedos variety

Other large figurines of canonical type[edit]

Usual figurines of canonical type[edit]

Special Cycladic Figurines[edit]

Seated man holding cup[edit]

early work of the Spedos variety, marble, height 15 cm, no 286

Man 308 and woman 312[edit]

Hunter or warrior from naxos, no 308, post-canonical type, 25 cm; and woman from Naxos, no 312, post-canonical type, 21 cm

Large male torso[edit]

torso of a man(?), canonical type, marble, height of the fragment 44 cm, probably from Amorgos, co called by Goulandris Master, no 969

Other unusual figurines[edit]

Figurines of post-canonical type[edit]

The "Keros Hoard"[edit]

Cycladic stone vessels[edit]

EC II, 2800-2300 BC

Dove vase[edit]

Ceremonial large dish, 39 cm, so called Vase with pigeons or Dove vase, from Keros, no 329

Other EC II stone vessels[edit]

Cycladic pottery[edit]

EC II, 2800-2300 BC

Cycladic "Frying pans"[edit]

Cycladic tools[edit]

EC II, 2800-2300 BC

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