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Cycladic collections in the National Archaeological Muesum of Athens

Nálezy z Kyklad a z jejich okolí. Raně kykladská kultura doby bronzové, převážně rané.

Finds from the Cyclades and their surroundings. Early Cycladic civilization of th Bronze age, mostly Erly Bronze age (EC, 3200-2800 BC).

Early Cycladic[edit]

EC I-III, 3200-2000 BC

Cycladic figurines[edit]

EC I figurines[edit]

3200-2800 BC, mostly Grotta-Pelos group, Violin-shaped and Plastiras variety

EC I-II figurines[edit]

3200-2800 BC

Louros variety figurines[edit]

Kampos group, ca 2800-2700 BC

EC II figurines[edit]

2800-2300 BC, mostly Keros-Syros group, Spedos variety

Large EC II figurines[edit]

Musicians EC II figurines[edit]

Other EC II figurines[edit]

Cycladic stone vessels[edit]

EC I-II stone vessels[edit]

EC II stone vessels[edit]

2800-2300 BC

Cycladic pottery[edit]

Cycladic pottery vessels[edit]

EC I pottery[edit]

3200-2800 BC

EC II pottery[edit]

2800-2300 BC

EC III potery[edit]

From Fylakopi (Phylakopi) on Melos and Agios Loukas on Syros, 2300-2000 BC

Cycladic pottery rhyta and kernoi[edit]

Cycladic "Frying pans"[edit]


See also below, the Cycladic type objects from Attica

Cycladic jewelry[edit]

EC I-II, 3200-2300 BC

Cycladic tools and weapons[edit]

EC I-II, 3200-2300 BC

Cycladic type objects from Attica[edit]

from Agios Kosmas, EH II alias EC II

Middle and Late Cycladic objects[edit]

2000-1500 BC

Mostly from Fylakopi (Phylakopi) on Melos, Middle and (mostly) Late Bronze age

Late Cycladic objects from Akrotiri[edit]

See here (from Akrotiri in National Archaeological Museum of Athens).

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